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For Minetest 5.0 and above

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Usage: This mod has to be enabled before the world is entered for the first time, otherwise there are going to be terrain generation errors

A lua mapgen featuring tropical islands and lots of water. Best used with sailing kit

Recommended settings:
- Tone mapping - off - Important!
- Mip mapping - on
- Texture filtering - off

Update 210315: restore previous light curve settings on shutdown
Update 210301: improved compatibility with other mods dependent on default (water_life, farming). MT 5.4.0 compatibility
Update 210205: Fixed: The previous release used an old version.



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  • Realistic island-like map generation

    This is quite a compelling mapgen - with a little fine-tuning you can get islands that look reminiscent of Hawaiian landmasses!

    This mod adds its own trees and flora - so it is not compatible with mods that add flora or new biomes yet. You can enable them - they just won't show up in the mapgen with this mod enabled. Support for customized flora/biomes on these islands would be great!

    Additionally, rivers are not a thing in this mapgen, sadly. There are 'inlets' of water and reservoirs which spawn inside islands - sometimes this can result in a huge chasm in the island all the way down to a muddy puddle! (which seems to not be intended)

    So, there is a bit more work to do here, but this has the beginnings of a masterpiece! Kudos to Termos.

  • Good Woldgeneration

    The Islands are very nice but I think, that the mod should can work on Mineclone2 and Mineclonia too. I know, that it is not easy, becaurse Mineclone2 and Mineclonia do not have the default mod, but it would be very nice to have Ilands in this games.

  • very good mod for oceans mapgen

    In most cases, map generation primarily consists of large landmasses with lakes as the only bodies of water. This setup prevents the opportunity to experience the thrill of sailing to far-off lands and distant islands. As a result, it becomes challenging to truly appreciate the adventure of undertaking long sea voyages. Creating this kind of map generation does offer expansive open spaces to explore by boat.

    It would be wonderful if Apercy would release a large sailboat mod that includes features such as a galley, storage spaces, and sleeping quarters. By using the steampunk blimp as a foundation, this sailboat mod would already be halfway to achieving the desired outcome.

    Anyway, thank you Termos for this great mod, it's really nice to be able to make a world which is boat, and seaplane, wyvern, dragons, blimps, etc. friendly. This is tremendous!

  • Great starting point for Tropical Islands Adventure

    I loved the vibe of this Islands mod. I turned it into an exciting adventure by adding the following mods in this collection: But there still were a few gaps, so I created a mod to add coconut trees with edible coconuts, and it allows you to craft thatch blocks for building from the leaves. Also I created a pineapple mod for variety in food.

    The magma conduits mod needs to use the following settings: Minimum volcano peak elevation = 20 Region mapblocks =8 Probability of active volcano in region = 0.7

    I'll continue to tweak and create mods to make this Tropical Island Paradise even better.

  • Pretty islands but not suitable for survival

    The logs craft into islands:wood instead of default:wood despite depending on default. islands:wood looks exactly like default:wood but by being a different node you won't be able to craft things from mods. In my opinion it should either look like an own type of wood or be aliased to regular wood in an update.

  • impressive islands

    really cool generation and textures, makes the world unique and deserves exploring...


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