For Minetest 5.0 and above

How do I install this?

Usage: This mod has to be enabled before the world is entered for the first time, otherwise there are going to be terrain generation errors

A lua mapgen featuring tropical islands and lots of water. Best used with sailing kit

Recommended settings:
- Tone mapping - off - Important!
- Mip mapping - on
- Texture filtering - off

Update 210315: restore previous light curve settings on shutdown
Update 210301: improved compatibility with other mods dependent on default (water_life, farming). MT 5.4.0 compatibility
Update 210205: Fixed: The previous release used an old version.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Realistic island-like map generation

    This is quite a compelling mapgen - with a little fine-tuning you can get islands that look reminiscent of Hawaiian landmasses!

    This mod adds its own trees and flora - so it is not compatible with mods that add flora or new biomes yet. You can enable them - they just won't show up in the mapgen with this mod enabled. Support for customized flora/biomes on these islands would be great!

    Additionally, rivers are not a thing in this mapgen, sadly. There are 'inlets' of water and reservoirs which spawn inside islands - sometimes this can result in a huge chasm in the island all the way down to a muddy puddle! (which seems to not be intended)

    So, there is a bit more work to do here, but this has the beginnings of a masterpiece! Kudos to Termos.

  • impressive islands

    really cool generation and textures, makes the world unique and deserves exploring...


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