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Flow Formspec Collection

A collection by lazerbeak12345

A collection of tools for making use of flow

This collection is not officially associated with flow

Flow is a GUI library for minetest that provides a much easier way to make dynamic formspec and hud content.

Here's some tools you should use as a flow form developer.


Formspec AST screenshot
Formspec AST by Luke

A library to help other mods interpret formspecs.

Debug screenshot
Debug by LMD

Debugging on steroids

Flow Extras screenshot
Flow Extras by lazerbeak12345

An experimental collection of extra widget APIs for flow

Flow screenshot
Flow by Luke

A formspec library that automatically positions and sizes elements

Sway screenshot
Sway by lazerbeak12345

A simple inventory that makes use of Flow forms.

FS51 screenshot
FS51 by Luke

Compatibility layer for formspecs

HUD FS screenshot
HUD FS by Luke

A library to make HUDs from formspecs