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  • I wasn't expecting a runner in Minetest, but it's fun

    That's definitely not the first game that would pop into my mind when thinking about Minetest (and I don't even think it's a great stand-alone game concept, it feels more like a minigame) but the author made a really nice job porting an endless runner videogame into Minetest. Collecting coins is rewarding, it can jump AND slide (the dead animation also works perfectly, congratulations for using the tools the game already gives you), and with the music defaulted to on it would have been even better.
    If I have to find some critiques, putting it into a cave would have made more sense with the title, as the empty sky is somehow out of context. Also, I think that, after a while, the author just copy-pasted a piece of the map over and over, but (if I'm right) it's a jam and it's totally understandable.

    P.S.: I know that saying the following isn't impartial as I'm the author, but consider to use arena_lib to turn it into a really nice minigame that people can put into their servers

  • Challenging Endless Runner

    I was originally going to say I wouldn’t recommend this game, because the controls seemed kind of flakey and there wasn’t much to do. But, over several days I found myself coming back to this game as a quick game to play when I’m bored. Eventually I learned that the controls aren’t flakey; they just aren’t meant to be held down. I thought I would stay sliding as long as I held down shift, but it turns out you’re meant to press shift once per slide, and you can only slide so long.

    I did get an error at some point, but I’m not sure what it means: 2021-12-27 22:25:49: ERROR[Server]: [sm_game] ATTACH NOT FOUND!, creating new attachment!

    I do kind wish you could play again using the space bar instead of using the mouse, and I wish the camera wouldn’t reset each game. That would make it so you didn’t need to use the mouse in-between games.

    I would recommend this game, but don’t expect to play it for a long time at once.

  • Simple fun

    The game is quite simple: You are running on a railway. Using left-right controls, you can switch the lane, slide using sneak and jump using space. Specific obstacles require exactly one way too dodge. The theming is for the most part well done: A proper screenshot was rendered, an icon created, the game uses models made during the jam, formspecs were styled neatly.

    There are some minor frustrations though: Jumping feels quite odd (like velocity is being made positive up to a point, then suddenly flipped to the negatives instead of a simple upward acceleration + gravity). The waiting period of roughly 5s gets frustrating when you want to have anotehr go right now. Collision could have been implemented a bit better by using the new moveresult feature; the way it's currently implemented serverside, it triggers only after the collision happened; in third person view, you are already out of the obstacle, yet the game is over (I could've sworn I didn't collide with that obstacle!).

    Conclusion: Even though this is relatively simple and has minor issues, it is still fun to play. Through it's simplicity, it managed to reach the state of completeness the jam was aiming at rather well, other than some competitors.

  • great entertainment

    this game is pretty interesting in limiting itself to a singleplayer UI, and initial setup phase that requires a restart, etc. however despite all of that i think it was well architected that the end user should not need to care/feel any pain from the slightly longer setup process. this game does have some downsides such as not being able to run on top of the train cars, etc. however overall it is a pretty small but fun game.

  • Reviews from Emojiminetest: Fully Addicted


    • Perfect clone of Talking Tom Gold Run (How about a Muted Sam?)
    • Good music


    • Music should be enabled by default (that's so nice)
    • No sound on fail and mainmenu
    • Instructions should also be shown on the player's first play


    This game is so perfect! I bet that this game will be at least 5th!

  • Advanced game.

    Just great and unusual game ever I have seen! The GUI looks like attractive and it looks like it uses the most modern formspec features. This game is a good way to distract and relax yourself!

  • Impressive

    This game is very well done and presented in a professional manner.
    From the menus to the mechanics and controls, it is very much it's own entity.
    The mechanics are simple and fun .
    The gameplay loop inspires you to try again and again and improve your skills.

  • Fun game, even though I've never played Subway Surfers!

    I don't know why I like it so much! It's downright addictive, like Tetris or any other arcade game. Try to dodge the obstacles and score more mese, and when you crash, you tell yourself, "I can do better next time." (And the next time, and the next time...) And at the same time, you also want to hear the rest of the song, because it stops when you crash. 😆 My only complaint is that it doesn't have the default camera view as third-person from behind. It's much easier if you can see more of what's in front of you. (By the way, my high score is 92!)

  • decent

    Isn't the most user-friendly interface, and it's a little buggy, but all in all it's pretty good.

  • basic proof of concept

    The game is playable, but is otherwise pretty simple and lacks enough content to keep me playing for longer. (as is the game keeps me busy for 1 minute)

    Good things about this game:

    • it has music

    • it implements a simple runner game in minetest

    • models are nice

    • there's GUI

    Things where it could be improved:

    • more stuff generally

    • some surrounding trees/buildings instead of the empty void

    • more music

    • maybe a shop to spend the coins?

    • more train stuff like in the original game

    • movement sometimes feels odd

  • Funny but has some weird behavior 😜

    It's quite unstable, I always see character and world appearing and disappearing for a millisecond on lanes switches, mese appearing suddently at random some blocks away from the character and sometimes I lose after sliding under high barriers despite I was still clearly on sliding moment 🤷️. It's also possible to hold spacebar to jump through anything except high barriers, you must be fast on avoiding them. So you can pause the run, hybernate and resume the run again the next time, potentially an endless run 😉️.

  • Nice subway

    It's a good subway surfer. I especialky like the coins that have a mese cristal texture. The only thing that I'll reproch is the bug. When you keep the jump bar pressed, you can noclip the trains and don't die, and you can stop keeping it pressed when you don't touch any train and you will be able to continue. Else, nice game. I regret the policeman...

    I will just take a look at the code and tell you what part is wrong, if I find it, it will surely make the task easier...

  • Very Fun

    Nice game and if I wouldn't know it's made with minetest I couldn't tell. Good example to show what's possible with minetest.

  • this is great!

    this game is very good! great combinations.

  • Grundingly thumbs up

    PLEASE NOTE: This review is written by a PARTICIPANT of the 2021 Minetest Game Jam. I used Minetest version 5.4.1 to playtest.

    I grudgingly give this game a thumbs up because it perfectly matches the game jam's theme of "small game" and it's an arcade classic, although it has some flaws. The fences have broken lighting, apparently. The text doesn't match properly into the GUI. The graphics could be better, it doesn't look like you're in a subway. ;-) But still, the execution of this game is done okay enough to barely reach a thumbs up for my taste.

  • Funny!

    It has room for improvements, but it has been made for a game jam after all. I hope this will be further developed and polished improving UI and animations, and adding powerups - just like the original game.

  • Great game, but very repetitive

    This game was played and rated in the Minetest GAME JAM LIVE (ep2): Note: rating system was changed a bit from ep1 Note2: I changed my mind a bit for what I rated, then what I said on the stream


    Rating System
    1 - Bad
    2 - Meh
    3 - Good
    4 - Great
    5 - Love it!
    Rating for Subway Miner
    Gameplay - 7/10
    Graphics - 3/5
    Player-Friendly - 4/5
    Performance - 4/5
    Sounds & Music - 4/5

    OVERALL: 22 (Great)


    Subway Miner was a nice submission for the Game Jam, very polished and amazing that you could make a runner game in Minetest. Good Job. But I feel like it was kind of missing something, maybe some scenery? Better textures, louder mese sounds? I didn't feel like the music fitted very well. A new slide animation? New and more random level gen? I didn't even know how to slide right away, maybe just add some hints at the biginning? Anyways, good job!


  • nice game

    wowiee super duper clone of subway surfers, movement is abit delayed but it is ok as rest is nice. mayeb you should add some animation for ducking. well done on this, considering it was made very quiekly

  • Fun, but has room for improvement

    Pros - fun and addicting - music is very uplifting and sets the mood - the main menu is advanced and has many options

    Cons - the game quits when I press spacebar in the main menu or press esc in the options section - the movement is a bit delayed - unoriginal

  • Great Game

    The gameplay is great, looks better than subway surfers. Recommanded to anyone who likes games with running.

  • Impressive implementation

    I was surprised how well this type of game worked (in Minetest!).
    Suggestion: Turn on the music by default, it makes the game feel so much nicer.

  • Polished and fun

    A very simple and polished game that does well what it says on the tin. The graphics are great and the gameplay works as intended.

    My only complain is that given the laggy nature of minetest, certain maneuvers perhaps require a bit too much precision; for anyone having issues as I am, I find the best approach is to make the move before even reaching the tight junction.

  • Oh your game is nostalgic

    Your game is lot much like subway surfers. But will you add power ups

  • Perfect Subway Surfer

    It is almost similiar to subway surfer. Also i don't know, in some cases the game doesn't start even after it says go. It also can be improved a little more with features like powerups etc.. Also i don't know in different scenerios it is bugging out. (5.5.0 release)

  • Really great

    Works just fine and the interface is very good-looking. And the game is fun !

  • 375/450: Subway Miner

    GAME DESCRIPTION: Subway Miner is a game remniscent of Subway Surfers, where the goal is to get as many mese as possible while avoiding obstacles.


    • Visual Appeal: 15/20

    • Sound/Audio Design: 10/20

    • Completeness: 20/30

    • License: 30/30

    • Originality: 10/50

    • Gameplay: 35/50

    • Performance: 45/50

    • User Friendly/Intuitive: 80/100

    • Codebase: 120/150

    FINAL SCORE: 375/450

    FINAL THOUGHTS: It's a good clone of the Subway Surfers game and with a few tweaks, it could bring hours of enjoyment to players.

    NOTE: Recommended/not recommended is based on if the score is an 84% or higher.

  • No soporta Multijugador

    La idea de este juego es original, y esta muy bien hecho, pero me aburre jugarlo solo, me hubiera gustado algun modo multijugador o que puedieran crearse servidores de este modo de juego.

  • Good i guess...

    Good game.

    Few notes, While moving to the sides, you sometimes bug out of the rail.. (oops i use 5.4.0 my bad.) would be good to have a change in camera when sneaking.

  • Amazing

    I am very surprised by how smooth the gameplay is, the concept is simple, but it required a lot of scripting and is really impressive.

  • great idea but needs improvements

    great concept but it needs some improvements like ability to jump on wagons. the models in this game are great



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