Scientifically Accurate TNT

Fixes some of the shortcomings of the original TNT mod.


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Notice: This mod replaces the default TNT mod in Minetest Game.

The old recipe to make TNT was very unrealistic. It involved using gunpowder, which disregards the fact that gunpowder and Trinitrotoluene are completely different chemicals. This mod attempts to fix that issue while also making it balanced.

Instructions for making TNT

First, make a beaker out of glass.

Then make methanol by crafting a beaker with algae.

Craft a beaker with a coal lump and then smelt the result to get benzene.

Craft benzene and methanol to get toluene (aka. methylbenzene)

Afterwards, you must acquire sulfur which can be found near and inside lava pools.

Craft sulfur with a water beaker to get sulfuric acid.

Craft fertilizer with a water beaker to get nitric acid.

Craft nitric acid, sulfuric acid and toluene together to get a chunk of trinitrotoulene.

Craft trinitrotoluene with paper to get a TNT stick.

Craft nine tnt sticks together to get TNT.



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  • Revised version

    I like now that making tnt is like what we do in minecraft education edition. Well there is a request to make it compatible with tnt_revamped mod to make it total mc. Thankyou


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