HUD Timers

A lightweight library for adding hud timers.

API / Library / Programmer Tools

HUD Timers(hud_timers)

A library for easily maintaining hud timers.

Wait... How long does it take until I can fire that gun again ?

- me, playing Minetest

Oh, look ! A tiny grey bar ! 3 secs...


Configuration help can be found under in the same folder as this.

Depends on modlib.

Please note that this mod may not work along well with other mods altering the HUD.

Code licensed under the MIT License. Written by Lars Mueller alias LMD or appguru(eu).

Media license: files taken or derived from hudbars

All in all, the media is licensed under the MIT license, with credits going to Wuzzy.


Code should be self-explanatory. If not, feel free to contact me (opening an issue is also fine). Will probably document it here at some point...