Hunger NG

Hunger NG is a mod for Minetest adding a very customizable and easy to extend hunger system.

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For Minetest 5.7 and above

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Hunger NG is a mod for Minetest adding a very customizable and easy to extend hunger system.

The mods adds a hunger bar at the position of the breath bar and hides the bar if the breath bar becomes visible so the most important bar is shown without cluttering the UI too much.

Lots of food from various mods is supported.

See here for more information, or Git source site for details on the code.



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  • Best hunger mod!

    It lets me put the hunger on the right side of the hotbar!

  • Great and customizable hunger mod

    After trying out multiple hunger and stamina mods this is the one I ended up settling on. Doesn't add anything extra, does the job and is compatible with a lot of mods. I got sprinting as a separate mod and tweaked it with settings, similarly.

    Biggest welcome addition is "eat delay" setting, allowing me to set a delay between eating each piece of food. I set it to 5 seconds to make gathering good food very relevant. Though problem is, in a Taiga biome, finding good food sources is very difficult as berries don't restore much satiation (you need to eat 2 berries to satiate half a bread loaf on the UI!) and I ended up killing my character to reset my hunger, and even get rewarded with bones for it to turn into bonemeal using oneplus' bonemeal mod.

    I had an idea how to block myself from employing lame strategies, and one idea I came up with is to reduce the amount of satiation you start with after death and maybe halve it - but no such setting exists yet :(

    If this mod is still maintained having a setting for satiation amt on fresh spawn, and satiation amt on respawns would be very good!

    EDIT: I might be dumb and just missed the setting that can start me with specific satiation lol, though idk if there's different ones for respawn vs first start

    EDIT2: I discovered the setting, it only worked on first spawn, but on respawn it gave me back 20 hunger bars. Doesn't seem to work as expected...

  • Good mod!

    this mod need to minetest!


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