(Respectfully) Destructive! Goblin NPCs burrow underground, build lairs, set traps and cultivate foodstuffs. They like to steal torches!

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For Minetest 5.4 and above

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for Minetest Game and MineClone 2

This mod adds several Goblins (and Goblin Dogs) to Minetest that will spawn near ore deposits or lairs underground.


  • Compatible with both Minetest Game (using Mobs Redo)and MineClone 2!
  • Some Goblins have loot filled chests nearby! Can you befriend or defeat these goblins?
  • Goblins dig caves, destroy torches, create lairs, set traps, cultivate mushrooms and some are aggressive.
  • Gobdogs will roam caves, bury bones and other items in soft terrain, eat meats. Some Gobdogs are aggressive!
  • Basic trading with Goblins - the more you trade with a goblin, the more likely you will get things in return!
  • Goblins have a territorial framework for location based interactions, if you trade with more Goblins of a territory your trades will be easier!
  • Harming goblins will negatively affect your trade with all gobins in a territory!
  • If you brandish weapons (including axes) around a goblin it may decide to attack!
  • Goblins and Gobdogs will defend each other. You can have them defend other mobs by simply adding to: on_spawn = function(self) the following: self.groups = {"goblin_friend", "gobdog_friend"} in your own mobs definition!
  • There are many settings now accessible from the minetest menu -> "settings" tab -> "all settings" -> "mods" -> "goblins" list! these can also be defined in the settingtypes.txt
  • Goblin and Gobdog spawning is now configured from goblins_spawning.lua (at least until there is a way to easily change these with the setting menu :P )
  • Goblin related follow and drop items now moved to mod_storage
  • Goblin spawning parameters moved to mod_storage
  • A basic and optional (enabled in minetest setting menu) HUD is available
  • tested with Minetest 5.4 and 5.70(dev)

Required Mods (only if using Minetest Game):

  • Mobs Redo by TenPlus1 API as of version 20200516: to run.

Optional Mods:

Licenses of Source Media Files:

Additional source and content credits:

  • goblin mushrooms from "flowers" mod source code:

    • Originally by Ironzorg (MIT) and VanessaE (MIT)
    • Various Minetest developers and contributors (MIT)
  • mushrooms.xcf Copyright Francisco Athens (CC BY-SA 3.0) 2020

  • goblins_mushroom_brown.png, goblins_mushroom_brown2.png goblins_mushroom_brown3.png goblins_mushroom_brown4.png Copyright Francisco Athens (CC BY-SA 3.0) 2020

Sound files by:

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Do you recommend this mod?

  • Superb mob mod: Goblins are a total nuisance in the best way possible.

    Absolutely one of the best mob mods that I have found for Minetest. The models and textures are high quality, the sounds are immersive and the mob's AI is lifelike and believable. These weird little goblins are a total nuisance, in the best way possible. They swarm around in caves, mining, randomly gum up your tunnels with gross moss and sometimes steal torches right from in front of your nose while you're spelunking. As of the time of this review, FreeLikeGNU is still working on this mod and is receptive to feedback and suggestions, so there will probably be many more cool little features and different types of goblins to discover in future.

    The ease of installing mods like this are the reason I switched to Minetest. You can really make the world you are playing in something totally unique. If you want a lively and immersive survival experience, you can't really go wrong with installing this mod.

    In my Goblins works particular well with mobs that overhaul caves/underground spaces, like say df_caverns by Facedeer.

  • A must have mod. Beautiful and fun. Well supported/updated - quality throughout.

    Without a doubt - one of my most favorite mods for flavor and mobs. The animations and 3D models are superior, the interaction with other mobs from other mods is often hilarious and quite facinating. For example: The dolphins from Water Life try to "save" the swimming/drowning goblins - and end up drowning them usually (while the sharks seem to consider them family). The Dwarves go on crusades to masacre the torch thieving goblins and replant as many torches as they can maintain - providing plenty of drops for the players (if they are careful to not attack any Dwarves in the process). The goblins even trade with players and mount resue missions to free other imprisoned goblins! Simply fantastic.

    To top it all off - the developer is very quick to respond to issues and requests - and very active in our MT community - a gem by all accounts.

    The only warning/note I have is this: Goblins are messy.. I mean.. really. messy. LOL. They are, after all, pests. They do dig furiously and create a LOT of cobble.. and some if it is trapped! While most of this mod is a passive mob(s) addition, these traps are a light and fun twist - and some of the Goblins will also attack players - but even for un-armored players they are far from a sudden death scenario.

  • Tiny troubles

    These little guys get in all sorts of mischief and some dont tolerate players lurking around in their areas :)

  • They have a lot of depth

    I like discovering caves and traversing the depths a lot more when I have this mod installed, the goblins add risk and reward when mining. Avoiding traps, remembering to keep weapons out of your hands, and trading with them to hopefully get something great in return. The animations are very good, as are the behaviors they exhibit.