Unified Inventory

Replaces the default inventory and adds a number of features, such as a crafting guide


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For Minetest 5.4 and above

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  • This is the best inventory management

    It has home. Time. Management functions Good

    Unified Inventory + Unified Inventory Plus

  • Bulky, slow, and a little dated

    A year or so ago I might use this because it was the only inventory mod with certain features, but now I'm seeing much faster and better looking alternatives popping up

  • Nice

    This is a nice mod, I don't have anything against the gui, it looks good for my part.

    I think it become a bit out-dated maybe ? But most servers are using it. Maybe it will be slowly replaced by I3 mods which it has modern gui ?

    I recommend this mod, but to each his own.

  • Used to be good

    this mod used to be great, but with the addition of categorys it makes the UI look even more terrible, not to mention it could have just used search filters based on minetest group system. This mod now uses formspec v4 which requires the server and the client to run 5.4.x or greater, not even keeping compat for latest+one version behind. this would be understandable perhaps if it used new features like model[] which i3 does, but alas it does not

  • Feature rich

    Things I Like

    • Has a good developer API for adding custom features. I used it to add a custom inventory screen for warps.

    • unified_inventory_plus, a separate mod which extends this one, is super useful mod that adds extra buttons to automatically arrange items in the crafting menu, and a button which automatically crafts copies of all possible items. Saves a lot of finger clicking. It's not on contentdb, it's only on github.

  • It’s very dated

    While the mod works in genral and all the features are available as described, it’s just oooold.

    You see that it was started 10 years ago. The look and feel is just clumsy. The default inventory was improved a lot since then and has a robust search and an own crafting guide. Also, the (now) common sfinv makes a lot of Uinified Inventory’s features redundant because mods added tabs to the default inventory for their functionality.

    If you want to use a modern replacement for Unified Inventory maybe check out i3. Or simply stick with the default inventory that got improved since Unified Inventory was created.

  • Useful but Ugly

    It has all the important features and handles compatibility really well, but it's hella ugly to look at. I always use my own reskin. Other than the appearance I'd say performance is the only big issue, but overall it's the best inventory mod.

  • Very comprehensive

    Provides robust searching, slots for many other GUI addons, and lots of quality of life features over the stock inventory/crafting GUI. My default these days.

  • Great for creative builders

    I rather like buiding stuff in creative in Minetest, and this mod is the perfect companion. With a large block pallette screen to the right, it makes it much easier to browse for blocks than with the default interface.

    My only issue with it is that I can't shift-click things into the bin by default, but that's a really minor complaint.

  • Good system, I like the look

    Never had a problem with unified inventory and it has good support among other mods, such as terumet...

  • Ugly and bloated

    I find unified_inventory unpleasant to look at, it's also bloated and has a bad API design.

    That doesn't mean it's not useful, but the functionality can be replaced by other mods which will run better.

    I recommend using the following mods:

  • The most mobile phone friendly.

    If you wanna game on your mobile phone and you need an inventory mod - i would highly recommend this one over any other.

    I tried other inv. mods and found this one to be the easiest. No microscopic buttons - all of the ui elements here are relatively big, easy to tap on. No scrolling or anything that requires dragging, which is nice. Search is clear and easy to use - you can search through a specific category or 'all'. Crafting aid, which puts a recipe for you, is great and pretty straightforward. Waypoints take a bit of time to setup (mainly because i had no idea what each button does and tooltips on mobile are tricky), but are ok and manageable. It has everything i need and more. And its very accessible.

    Thank you.

  • the inventory mod i always come back to use

    i used several inventory mods in my time playing minetest , but i always came back to use unified inventory (and the + extension thereof)
    while it can look dated for some , i like the style personally

  • Worth a try

    I love this inventory, but there is a glitch where if you select crafting or armor i don't know how to get back to the area where you can delete items in your inventory and the main item slots.

  • Great inventory mod!

    I've always used this mod and really liked it! It doesn't have much advanced features like other inventory mods do (such as i3), but it's simple, useful, and clean. If you're looking for simple inventories, I recommend this mod.

  • Норм

    мод мне понравился он мне напомнил о старой игре crazycraft 2016-2018г в crazycraft был такойже инвентарь кто ещё помнит эту игру?

  • Search problems

    Must have mod. But need to optimize search algorithms, cause becomes unusable when unable to find some elements at all

  • I prefer this over i3

    the ability to search mod names and groups in the search bar and with give privilege you get buttons to give items from the craft guide very useful to me and from my experience those things cannot be done in i3

  • nice

    really nice and useful

  • Mod is beautiful!

    I use the mod to search for things from my mods. A wonderful mod with lots of features! I really like the mod!

  • My go-to inventory in Minetest

    I like this inventory as it is a swiss army knife inventory that has everything you would need, with a broad mod support.

    I would, however, allow some sections to be accessed separatedly, as well as allow for a better experience in mobile phones, i.e., be more wide than tall, and potentially use less vertical space parhaps. Text for bags, and the bottom icons are very small on my phone screen.

    I use this as the default inventory on my server, as it has the best support overall.

  • The Best.-

    I think it is the best inventory in the game if we add Unified Inventory Plus, the backpack system is the best, although there should be a small section to select by Mods.

  • More flexibility than i3

    The way unified_inventory does things makes it a joy to work with for developers, while more modern inventories like i3 are flashy, but do not support as much and are harder to work with. Registerable buttons and fairly easy configuration make this mod very flexible, and add-ons like Unified Inventory Plus make crafting a charm.

    As for criticism, Unified Inventory desperately needs a better sorting system, although VanessaE's newest one is pretty good - but it needs a bit larger support. A more modern look might also help a lot. Also, UI does not come with a good skins mod out of the box, you need to install something like u_skins to get a nice selection of skins.

  • Outdated..

    outdated mod, basicly what others mentioned.. i'd recommend i3 inventory if you want too many features and inventory plus if you want a simple inventory with the needed features only.. 2 years ago i'd recommend this mod and say it is the best inventory mod but.. yeah

  • NICE

    I have always used this inventory, for my server I modify it a bit: 1 in esthetics dedicated to the server 2 (very important also for this original and I recommend you modify it too) lower the arrows or the slot of the additional mods, if there are many mods that use buttons like in my case, the arrows overlap the buttons (see photo)


    otherwise excellent as always the addition of item selection I would add a page with the list of installed mods and not only divided by item as an example



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