Unified Inventory

Replaces the default inventory and adds a number of features, such as a crafting guide




Do you recommend this mod?

  • Used to be good

    this mod used to be great, but with the addition of categorys it makes the UI look even more terrible, not to mention it could have just used search filters based on minetest group system. This mod now uses formspec v4 which requires the server and the client to run 5.4.x or greater, not even keeping compat for latest+one version behind. this would be understandable perhaps if it used new features like model[] which i3 does, but alas it does not

  • Ugly and bloated

    I find unified_inventory unpleasant to look at, it's also bloated and has a bad API design.

    That doesn't mean it's not useful, but the functionality can be replaced by other mods which will run better.

    I recommend using the following mods:

  • Great for creative builders

    I rather like buiding stuff in creative in Minetest, and this mod is the perfect companion. With a large block pallette screen to the right, it makes it much easier to browse for blocks than with the default interface.

    My only issue with it is that I can't shift-click things into the bin by default, but that's a really minor complaint.

  • Bulky, slow, and a little dated

    A year or so ago I might use this because it was the only inventory mod with certain features, but now I'm seeing much faster and better looking alternatives popping up

  • Useful but Ugly

    It has all the important features and handles compatibility really well, but it's hella ugly to look at. I always use my own reskin. Other than the appearance I'd say performance is the only big issue, but overall it's the best inventory mod.

  • Outdated..

    outdated mod, basicly what others mentioned.. i'd recommend i3 inventory if you want too many features and inventory plus if you want a simple inventory with the needed features only.. 2 years ago i'd recommend this mod and say it is the best inventory mod but.. yeah

  • nice

    really nice and useful

  • Good system, I like the look

    Never had a problem with unified inventory and it has good support among other mods, such as terumet...

  • NICE

    I have always used this inventory, for my server I modify it a bit: 1 in esthetics dedicated to the server 2 (very important also for this original and I recommend you modify it too) lower the arrows or the slot of the additional mods, if there are many mods that use buttons like in my case, the arrows overlap the buttons (see photo)


    otherwise excellent as always the addition of item selection I would add a page with the list of installed mods and not only divided by item as an example



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