HUD bars

Replaces the default health and breath symbols by horizontal colored bars with text showing the number. Extensible.

HUD Player Effects / Power Ups Survival

For Minetest 5.3 and above

How do I install this?

This mod replaces the builtin health and breath indicators by nice little “progress bars” which show an icon, a label and a numerical value plus maximum.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Easy on the Eyes

    first mod I ever used for MT. I'm visually impaired and this makes a world of difference for me but I'm sure it can be pleasant to those with better vision

  • Easy to Mod

    The reason I really love this mod is for when I am creating other mods that affect maximum hp. It is super easy to increase/decrease the maximum hp, because without this, the hp_max is always at the maximum level.

  • Much nicer

    While originally feeling like perhaps it's too "technical nerd" looking, it really grew on me because of its simplicity and predictability. The bars are very easy to parse and the positions are always in the same place. This is especially useful for larger amounts of information that would otherwise have been strewn all over the interface in varying shapes and sizes.

  • Much Needed Visuals

    These HUD visuals are definitely needed.


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