Extended Tooltips

Support for custom tooltip extensions for items

API / Library

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For Minetest 5.3 and above

How do I install this?

This mod extends the support of tooltip for items to make it possible for mods to add more informative texts.

The mod itself does nothing and is meant to be integrated into games to use the API to define custom tooltips (see API.md). Game authors can use this to add small pieces of additional info to the item tooltip in a consistent manner. There's also support for automatically generating tooltip extensions.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Great quality of life addition

    Insanely helpful - and I have only just installed it! Along with tt_base, this adds a number of key facts about nodes you'll find in the various inventories (creative or otherwise) when playing Minetest. Things like the luminance (light level) and whether a node is climbable or not are particularly useful I've found.

    In addition, if you use Unified Inventory, you can also search by things mentioned in the description too - such as "luminance" to show all light-emitting nodes, and "climbable" to show all climbable nodes.

    This is a must-have for all Minetest players: both creative and survival alike!

  • Incompatible with mods reading the description field

    Although this mod is a great piece of gameplay documentation, it suffers compatibility issues with many mods due to its way of displaying the tooltips.

    This mod directly modifies the description and stores the original into _tt_original_description. However, not many mods are aware of the extra field and treat the manipulated field the same as they would do with pure descriptions. This leads to issues such as the weird display of item names in third-party mods.

    In welly-integrated games like MineClone2, using this mod would not be a problem. However, think twice and check your mod collection before installing this mod into your pool of mods.

  • INSANE for tooltips manipulation

    I discovered this mod in mineclone2 developement team, and cant stop using it! You can create very complex tooltips in seconds, items customised per player, etc


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