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Minetest action game in ancient Egypt.

You are in ancient Egypt and you rebelled against the local hierarchy, now everyone wants to kill you.

Features: - dangerous mobs - surprises - simple gameplay

Focus: casual, single player, action. Inspiration: Old Atari 2600 games. Game made for the 2021 Minetest GAME JAM.

Tips: - Open the door on the wall and enter to go to the next stage. - Try to keep the life bar full.

How to play: 1. Download and install the Minetest engine: 2. Download(clone) and extract this git in the /games/ folder inside the /minetest/ folder. 3. Start Minetest and select this game (click on the |B| icon.) 4. Click in 'New', give a name for the world and click 'create'. 5. Click in 'Play'.

Used mods: - earthbuild by Dokimi ( - mobs by TenPlus1 ( - mobs_animal by TenPlus1 - mobs_npc by TenPlus1 - round_trunks by Hamlet (

Minetest game mods used: - default - doors - farming - flowers - give_initial_stuff - player_api - stairs - walls

OBS: Some mods was altered for work with this game.

This game was made respecting the rules of the 2021 Minetest GAME JAM.

Thanks to: - Minetest creators. - 2021 Minetest GAME JAM creators. - The prize pool community contributors. - All creators of used mods.




Do you recommend this game?

  • Good base

    I like the idea and the visual experience is pretty nice too. However 4 levels/stages with not a whole lot to do is not quite it. Would love to see more content after the Game Jam.
    - Different types of "enemies"
    - More things to discover (tools, items, rooms, pets?)
    - Sound effects

  • I pick up what you're putting down

    I get this game's groove, and I like it. It's an arcade-style hack'n'slasher where you enter a zone, try to cut your way through the enemies in your way, and exit through the far door, to be teleported to a new zone. See how far you can go before you get mobbed and killed. As a fan of the original Berzerk, this is a pretty nifty rendition, it really just needs more zones and some polish. A proper scoreboard would be nice.

    I did hit a zone where the exit door didn't work, and sometimes it would drop me into a new zone facing backwards, so I was looking at the door I came through while enemies approached from behind. I assume forthcoming patches will fix that, even if I have to write them myself.

  • Nice atmosphere, but it lacks of gameplay

    I was really happy to see a game taking place in some sort of Ancient Egypt: the first map was really on point talking about level design, wide outside and narrow inside. A few decorations more would have totally helped, and as general taste I would avoid completely round objects inside a voxel game (ie. columns).
    However, I wasn't able to understand the sense of the game, especially the white room that was way different from the rest (is the character inside a mental institution? Is there an end? Am I supposed to endlessly cicle?). Unfortunately, gameplay comes before atmosphere (games with a wonderful graphics but with poor gameplay < games with a poor graphics and wonderful gameplay), hence the negative vote.

  • Playable but a little repetitive

    The game works, the atmosphere works (even if it could have more decoration). The mobs are really easy to kill with the sword I one-shot them, the combat mechanics is really barren (maybe try more resistant mobs, or adding more of them faster, or weaker weapons... something to make the game more chalenging). The 3-4 maps are always the same, it could be nice to have more variation. Also your lore description "You are in ancient Egypt and you rebelled against the local hierarchy, now everyone wants to kill you " should be in game (like Exile) because players might not read the description.

  • Good world building, but confusing and repetitive

    I was confused by the doors to begin with, I'd suggest adding a corridoor. The gameplay is short, and repetitive. But I like the maps and the world building

    from judge review, 4/10

  • Too Easy Endless Walker

    The goal of the game is to rack up points by crossing rooms filled with aggressive humans. Defeating the humans is easy and navigating the rooms is easy, so there’s no challenge. I made it to around 30 points before I got bored, but I can’t see myself actually losing. I think the game needs time pressure and maybe traps/parkour to add challenge to the game.

    I would not recommend this game in it’s current state due to the lack of challenge.

  • Muy bonito

    Aun necesita trabajo pero la idea me encanta, podria salir un juego genial. Pienso que podria haber salido mucho mejor si se usara MineClone como base. Me refiero a usar por ejemplo mcl_stairs en lugar de stairs, y mcl_mobs en lugar de mobs, mcl_flowers en lugar de flowers tal vez...

  • Smiple game with not much content.

    There's 4 rooms and some dudes that attack you. I wonder why you make the player teleport between rooms instead of building a large structure. There doesn't seem to be anything to do after you've killed all the dudes and walked through all the rooms.

  • 260/450: Berzerkpt

    GAME DESCRIPTION: Berzerkpt is a game similar to dungeon crawlers, where your goal is to kill as many enemies as possible.


    • Visual Appeal: 5/20

    • Sound/Audio Design: 0/20

    • Completeness: 15/30

    • License: 30/30

    • Originality: 10/50

    • Gameplay: 20/50

    • Performance: 30/50

    • User Friendly/Intuitive: 50/100

    • Codebase: 100/150

    FINAL SCORE: 260/450

    FINAL THOUGHTS: Berzerkpt has the potential to be a fun, enjoyable time killer but fails at the part of keeping users entertained. I am too detached from the game when I play. The same four buildings get repetetive. Adding objectives and a little ambient music would really spruce it up.

    NOTE: Recommended/not recommended is based on if the score is an 84% or higher.

  • Unconvincing

    PLEASE NOTE: This review is written for the 2021 Minetest Game Jam version of this game, by a PARTICIPANT. I used Minetest version 5.4.1 to playtest.

    Bad. I'm greeted with many console warnings. This is barely a game, almost just an (incomplete) sandbox. You just walk around in a maze and kill people. There does not seem to be an objective. This is unconvincing.

  • Not quite sure what the objective of this game is

    This game was played and rated in the Minetest GAME JAM LIVE (ep1):


    Rating System
    1 - Bad
    2 - Meh
    3 - Good
    4 - Great
    5 - Love it!
    Rating for Berzerkpt
    Gameplay - 1
    Graphics - 2
    Player-Friendly - 1
    Performance - 5
    Sounds & Music - 2

    OVERALL: 11 (Good)


    I didn't really get what the point of the game was very much. I just was running in circles for a few minutes, and bad guys would show up, which ould take one hit to kill. Maybe try adding more of an objective to the game? Make the mobs harder? Thanks for participating

  • 3/10: NOT BAD

    The textures are pretty good and the enemies' "AI" is quite refined, well for a Minetest game, at least. I like the level design, but there doesn't seem to be anything after the "white box" level, you just go back to the place you started in.

    Final ratimg: 3/10


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