A game inspired by Minecraft Championship's Build Mart, where you have to replicate mini build and to get the materials for them, you have to go 'shopping'.

Jam / Game 2021 Mini-game One-of-a-kind / Original Singleplayer-focused

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A game inspired by Minecraft Championship(MCC)'s Build Mart, where you have to replicate mini build and to get the materials for them, you have to go 'shopping'.
Initially made for 2021 Minetest game jam.
Version: 1.2
The license and origin of all media can be found in the file in the folder that the media is in.

Screenshot License: CC-BY-SA 4.0 (made by me, j45)


If you dont like the music, there is a mute button in minetest for a reason.
You have the fly priveledge so it is easier for you to build, use it!
If you accidentally misplace a block in the building area(the only location you can place blocks), click on the block and you will get it back in your inventory.
Making more than one trip to the shop for a build is ok.



Do you recommend this game?

  • A breath of fresh air

    A well polished, well rounded jam project that plays nicely and is quite compelling and addictive.

    I enjoyed my time memorizing and counting blocks, getting lost on the shop, and having to use the quite unreadable signs to find my way. Even if the shop aspect of this game gets complaints, it's clear the intent is to make navigating the shop a challenge, a disguised maze of sorts, and it works wonderfully while also achieving an unique look.

    Movement felt sluggish and the building area was too dimly lit in my opinion. Some textures like the "glass" ones weren't representative of what they actually were.

    Some character upgrades would be nice, movement speed, sprint, buying the telescope or the minimap, all could add some more depth to the game.

    Well done, I find this to be one of the top submissions.

  • Overall: Good

    Nice job! You made great use of available time, this game doesn't feel shallow like some jam games do

    For polish: * It'd be nice if the nodes had place/walk sounds, and the water/lava had liquid properties (For more 'MTG-like' scenes) with ambient sounds. * Make the music go as a background behind sounds added above, and add a track or two more

    Things you might want to fix:

    • I had a hard time telling blocks apart visually, having to look at the HUD for what a node was broke the immersion.
    • It's a long walk to the shop stores
    0: Bad
    1: Meh
    2: Ok
    3: Good
    4: Amazing
    Fun       : 3.6
    Innovation: 4
    Graphics  : 2.9
    Audio     : 2
    Humor     : N/R
    Mood      : 3.4
  • Several Problems with a Good Idea

    While the idea has merit, there are several issues that detract from the game:

    • Text in the game is highly pixelated, making it difficult to read, especially in the shop. Furthermore, signs in the shop had backwards letters on one of their sides, making it even more difficult to find items.
    • When I first entered the build area, it was confusing to find the next step of the game, until I finally found the shop teleporter in small text at the side. I would suggest to put this in a more prominent space like the inventory screen.
    • The crafting grid doesn't work.
    • Dying resets the current build. It was quite frustrating to lose my progress on one of my trips to the shops because I disabled flying to get back to the build area. Also, dying gives the same number of coins as building a structure.
    • The shop area is crowded and difficult to navigate. Certain signs are confusing like the Stone sign that points to the Sands section. The move speed is also too slow for such a large area.
    • After a few repeats of the song, it gets obtrusive, and there are no other sounds in the game.
    • Textures are confusing and difficult to distinguish. Most of the time, I relied on the hud to know what block I'm looking at.
    • Digging blocks is not continuous. For a game about exact replication, it should be easy to dig/place blocks. Rather than only allowing 1 block to be dug with each left click, use a group that allows blocks to be destroyed with a short dig time.

    Besides these issues, I found that the biggest thing that this is lacking is multiplayer integration, though that seems to be in future prospects. From what I understand, the game is aimed towards a younger audience, but these issues would stand in the way of reaching them.

  • Repetitive

    I only played like 5 levels before it asked me to build a minion for the third time. I can see from the screenshots that there are more levels, but the randomizing of the levels makes it so you don't see all the levels before getting bored.

    • The gameplay loop is rather slow. I had to /grantme fast so I could run through the same shop entrance every five seconds.
    • The shop is rather disorganized. You could fit all the shops into a quarter the space and make it more navigable.
    • Wool and glass seem to use the same textures, meaning you have to use F5 to see which block is which.
    • The submit button's error message conveys no useful information. Did I bulid it wrong or is the button broken? If I built it wrong, how?
  • Well implemented

    The game works as expected and gives the player clear goals - rebuild given structures. While I was not too amazed by the textures which made some things difficult to read/recognize the music (even though a bit repetitive) keeps the player active and busy.
    - More coherent textures (seems like a mixture of RPG16 and some 8px textures ATM)
    - Multiplayer/Competitions?
    - Ability to add self-made structures in-game?

  • 371/450: Build 'n' Buy

    GAME DESCRIPTION: A game where your objective is to clone builds using items found in the shop for profit.


    • Visual Appeal: 16/20

    • Sound/Audio Design: 15/20

    • Completeness: 30/30

    • License: 30/30

    • Originality: 20/50

    • Gameplay: 30/50

    • Performance: 40/50

    • User Friendly/Intuitive: 80/100

    • Codebase: 110/150

    FINAL SCORE: 371/450

    FINAL THOUGHTS: For a concept that isn't original, it is still intriguing and with a few small changes, I think it would boom as an online server. Defining custom sizes for schems and building them for others would be great. Timing the builds and having a leaderboard would be awesome.

    NOTE: Recommended/not recommended is based on if the score is an 84% or higher.

  • Casual gaming

    If your interesting in calming down to replicate a build in blocks by using materials from the shop which is purchases using coins. You can play it also i think the aim is to not make currency go to 0. It is also a temporary or casual game that can be played. Also repititive and need more database of things to make. (no game can be infinite.) Your more like doing the proffesion of engineer. I also think the textures should be improved. Single Player is also quite blank.

  • A very polished game. Hoping for multiplayer and/or timer soon!

    This game was played and rated in the Minetest GAME JAM LIVE (ep1): This game was the highest rated game in Episode 1, congrats!


    Rating System
    1 - Bad
    2 - Meh
    3 - Good
    4 - Great
    5 - Love it!
    Rating for Build'n'Buy
    Gameplay - 2
    Graphics - 5
    Player-Friendly - 3
    Performance - 5
    Sounds & Music - 5

    OVERALL: 20 (Great)


    The textures and sounds and performance, was really nice and polished. I'd really like for this game to be a multiplayer and/or have a timer. I already talked to the author about this, so hopefully will see this added soon. Good job!

  • Copying by heart is not that fun

    I get that formats like these work on MineCRAFT servers where you have a limited amount of time to copy something whilst racing against other players, but a single-player version felt just... boring, to me. Especially the idea that players had to manually go buying things in a physical space (with signs not always that readable and a flight mode not fast enough) instead of using a polished GUI.
    Using blocks as instructions is another thing I would have avoided, as it doesn't allow to easily geolocalise the game.
    On the bright side, the author took time to customise the main menu and to add some music, which are always nice things to have

  • Good shopping simulator but I dont like shopping

    You successfully replicated the experience of shopping in a great complicate mall, but I dont like to do this irl. Other people might enjoy this, but I dont.

  • fun when you get the hang of it

    it is abit confusing to begin with cus mirrors arnt allowed. i only saw that after abit... but once i know what to do, it was fun and getting lost in the shop is funny. canot wait for this to be worked on and i think a server for this would be good.

  • Nice game

    Even tho I'm generally more a player who enjoys playing bigger RPG-like games, this game is really fun to play. I especially like the concept of gradually porting Minecraft experience to Minetest.

  • works nicely

    I like it also how are the shops too far ? There is a node you can right click that teleports you. Didn't feel like the longest journey to me at all ... (are you noclip flying there ? ^^ )

  • Reviews from Emojiminetest: Buy!


    • Enjoy!


    • Hidden blocks in the demo (e.g. the sand under the cactus)
    • Mirrors are not allowed
    • No commands to go to build and shop area (The distence between stone shop and building rightclick quartz is too far away...)
    • Random levels (should be more harder than the last level)



  • Too Easy Building Game

    Since there’s no time pressure, the game is too easy. And, mimicking a structure exactly just doesn’t seem that fun to me.

    I would not recommend this game because there’s no challenge.

  • Best so far

    I tested 10 games from JAM2021 until now (Build'N'Buy, littlelady, lucky dude, modular_portals, subway_miner, snake_3d, grand_theft_box, pacman, buildacity and balloonair) and for me this is the best of then. (2º place to me was Little Lady)

    But can be better with: - a miniature exemple of how the copy must to be beside. - I take 'air' node. - An easy model in 1º play, my first was the moon.



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