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For Minetest 5.4 and above

How do I install this?

This modpack provides mods with dynamic display. Mods are:

  • display_api: A library for adding display entities to nodes;
  • font_api: A library for displaying fonts on entities;
  • signs_api: A library for the easy creation of signs;
  • font_metro: A font mod used as default font (includes uppercase, lowercase and accentuated latin letters, usual signs, cyrillic and greek letters)

  • boards: A mod providing school boards (includes tiny cursive font, a handwriting style font);

  • ontime_clocks: A mod providing clocks which display the ingame time;
  • signs: A mod providing signs and direction signs displaying text;
  • signs_road: A mod providing road signs displaying text;
  • steles: A mod providing stone steles with text;

For more information, see the forum topic at the Minetest forums.

Extra fonts

Metro and Tiny Cursive fonts are provided in Display Modpack (in font_metro and boards mods) but you can add more fonts by installing font mods. Be aware that each font mod comes with numerous textures. This can result in slowing media downloading and/or client display.

Extra font mods can be found here:



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