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For Minetest 5.8 and above

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flux's mod boilerplate

public API

  • modname = fmod.create(fork)

creates the boilerplate i use in all my mods, so i don't have to worry about keeping them all up-to-date when i tweak things.

fork is an optional parameter for other people to use if they fork a mod.

the api which is created looks like

modname = {
        modname = modname,
        modpath = modpath,
        title = mod_conf:get("title") or modname,
        description = mod_conf:get("description"),
        author = mod_conf:get("author"),
        license = mod_conf:get("license"),
        version = mod_conf:get("version"),
        fork = fork or "flux",

        S = S,

        has = build_has(mod_conf),

        check_version = function(required)
            assert(mod_conf:get("version") >= required, f("%s requires a newer version of %s; please update it", minetest.get_current_modname(), modname))

        log = function(level, messagefmt, ...)
            return minetest.log(level, f("[%s] %s", modname, f(messagefmt, ...)))

        dofile = function(...)
            return dofile(table.concat({modpath, ...}, DIR_DELIM) .. ".lua")



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