Beds Redux

A complete rewrite of the Beds mod with many additional features

API / Library Player Effects / Food / Power Ups

Nemo has been hard at work in her laboratory developing her latest mod, Beds Redux, which is a complete rewrite of the Beds mod from Minetest Game! That's right, beds just got a makeover from the ground up.

After maintaining the original Beds mod for many years on the Just Test Tribute server, I came up against many hurdles trying to improve and extend the source code. So in January, I decided it would be much more effective to start over from scratch. The new Beds Redux mod features a fully revamped API with many new and exciting features, both for players and developers alike.

The crafting recipes are still the same as before, and most of the other game-play functionality is self-explanatory.

If you are currently using the Beds mod by PilzAdam or BlockMen, then the following command-line script will convert the existing data files into a format suitable for Beds Redux:

Beds Redux Conversion Script

% lua convert.lua ~/.minetest/worlds/world/beds_spawns

Note: The Spawn mod from Minetest game may conflict with Beds Redux. Therefore, it must be disabled by setting a static_spawnpoint in minetest.conf. Otherwise you will encounter anomalies when respawning after death.

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