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For Minetest 5.2 and above

How do I install this?

Homedecor provides a large selection of items you might find inside and around your home, like sofas, chairs, tables, fences, and all manner of other stuff. See the forum topic for full details.

If signs_lib is installed, it must be commit 4ff54c9a or later.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Not as blocky as some kitchen sinks

    First let me say this is a well-put-together modpack. Highlights include:

    • Containers come with locked variants
    • Good variety of areas of in the house & home
    • Balanced crafting recipes
    • Dynamic features like animations, basic interactivity where appropriate

    However, homedecor doesn't gel with me, and maybe it won't with you. I'm not intimately familiar with the modpack's history, but it seems to aggregate several mods or parts of other mods, like cottages roofing. This does result in a 'kitchen sink'*, but it's alright as you you're downloading a modpack and can disable bits that don't suit you.

    Many models have some combination of curves, noticeable polygon count, and higher resolution texture that doesn't fit into a 16px block type aesthetic. I find that which items have had a high-polygon treatment and which haven't seems a bit random, and each mod has some of these spread through the pack. If all the models had more polygons, the whole thing would be cohesive and the net effect would be better. I'm particularly confused why the couches from lrfurn had curves added that actually seem to make the whole thing look worse. If all models were consistently block or highpoly it would be better.

    I think the '3D extras' mod should be a config option.

    Homedecor locks you into the Basic Materials system for crafting. Sure, there have to be concessions to add intermediate crafting materials and so that available recipes aren't exhausted. The problems caused might be better explained in a review on Basic Materials. Suffice to say if your server has a forked technic or other mods that haven't commited to Basic Materials it can create minor problems. Given the size of this modpack, nobody wants to be making their own set of dozens and dozens of crafting recipes.

    In conclusion, only play with homedecor if you're willing to sacrifice visual consistency to get a large collection of stuff. Otherwise, use a few different decor mods for similar effect.

  • Must-have for builders - make your homes nicer!

    This mod adds a lot of blocks that make your house and garden a lot nicer. It includes a complete bathroom set - no need to use a stair as a toilet anymore!, big fridges to keep your food (and ores :-)) cold, chairs, tables, sofas, TVs and a huge amount of other decorations, down to a wall calendar.

    The doors alone are great already and make your house look much better than the boring standard wooden door. Fences and tables can be used in diffrent ways. Realistic shingles make your roofs stand out and shine. There's even a fish tank can be illuminated! And the garden benches make your parks and roads much more inviting.

    The only drawbacks may be that some of the blocks are rather specialized and are not as universally usable as e.g. a wooden stair - and that there are a lot of blocks included.

    I've seen many players who immensely enjoyed making their homes nice with this modpack. For me, personally, if a server doesn't have this mod installed then there's something important missing.

  • This mod is perfect to fill a house

    I never successed my only mission in survival: fill my house. But this mod is so complete that you havn't even the time to say "pfff" and you house is already decorated! I found this mod incredible, but the only problem is the mod is compatible with other mod, bur when 2 mods that serve to cut blocks are in the server, certain recipes are locked, as opened curtains, the cutlery set, and more. Dommage, but we have have as well much things to decorate. This mod is nice.

  • Having problems with recipes for crafting of items

    The mod itself is amazing. But there are also big drawbacks. For example, there are no recipes for crafting a few items, although older releases used to have them - grandfather clock, rope lighting, table lamp, stading lamp, cutlery set, cup of beer, hueg box, dvd_player and wardrobe. Also, in the new releases of this mod, for some reason, there is no gold coin with which you can get coca cola from a soda machine. There was also an issue with not being able to sleep in the new beds, but that's been fixed and I'm glad about that.

    VanessaE, if you're reading this, please add the crafting recipes for all the items I've listed. Thanks in advance! (;

  • Quantity over quality - in most cases

    At a glance one would think that this is a perfect modpack. I felt that way for a very long time, but recently, I've had a change of heart.

    • The style doesn't match any other mod. Everything's sorta round, but most mods are pixelated.
    • It relies very heavely on moreblocks - and keeps dropping features by moving them into moreblocks. If you don't like that mod, you will have a hard time avoiding unknown nodes everywhere as they keep moving things away from it. Update: see the stair_complaining branch on their repo. There's not much talk about merging this branch upstream.
    • There's so much stuff that the maintianance is very taxing on the devs. They (temporarally, at time of writing) can't even craft some things because of conflicting crafting recepies with their very own mods. This is just an example, but this sort of problem is likely when the mod can't get the type of care it needs from a small amount of developers maintaining a huge amount of features.

    I should note that there are plenty of things to love about this mod still (ignoring above issues)

    • It's still great for building.
    • It innovated new ideas into the modding community - and inspired mods like laptop to come into being.
    • It usually plays very nicely with other mods - especially mesecons. Gotta love turning on your lamp with mesecon logic. :)

    If you are looking for my complaints about wsor here, they have been removed in reflection of an agreement for peace between us. I figured removal would be the nice thing to do.

  • Nice mod

    Your mod is amazing addding many craftable and functioning furniture to the game.Using this mod and many other mods I had built a minimap called Galactic Strider 16.Which is ful of your modpack additions

    But there was something odd in the game which I had felt. It was nothing other than the realism of the furniture .

    So I would love if you turn the furniture from round to somewhat cubical.

    And also add functions to some non functional furniture like dishwasher and laundry stuff

  • Core Creative/Building modpack

    Homedecor is a simple, must have that is light on system resources. Enjoyed it for many years.

  • So many materials for your building needs

    I can at least say that there is so much to build with in creative. I don't need the recipes, so I can't say anything about that...

  • Comprehensive

    A very comprehensive mod filled with many different items and some nice effects to go along with them :)


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