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  • very cool!

    nice mod, i often scared when i went in a dungeon in vanilla minetest, but now,it has a reason! XD


  • Minetest without these monsters, no fun XD

    Minetest without these monsters, it doesn't seem to be Minetest , I love the mese monster XD ..

    just be missing a strong and challenging boss, or bosses.. recently i saw that we now have a variation of danger monster, the guadians.. now we're missing a mese monster variation, idea, a blue one for water, and a white one to roam the night by the map as a ghost.. oerki, being a wizard, should cast magic, instead of hitting.. these are just ideas, but the mod is really cool !!!


  • Adds monsters, needed for the thrill of danger

    It adds monsters that will attack you! It makes cave-delving so much more challenging and interesting.

    Most of the interesting and challenging monsters spawn very deep down. The surface monsters are not very dangerous. They don't impede surface construction or exploration. That might be a good or bad thing, depending on the kind of experience that you want.


  • Reliable Author and Attend to Bugs Quickly

    One of the few if not only existing author that takes their mods seriously to ensure critical bugs are fixed promptly. If your a serious server admin like me, you can't go wrong with their mods' collection and the fact that prompt support is normally provided to boot. :)


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