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For Minetest 5.0 and above

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Lets players craft special blocks to protect their builds or disable PVP in areas.

These include protection blocks, chests, doors, trapdoors and placement tool.



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  • My go-to protection mod

    It isn't as easy to cover large areas with this like it is with the areas mod, but it comes pretty close. The protection blocks are simple and easy to use. They also blend pretty well with the other MTG textures

  • To be honest, there are a number of things that can be improved upon:

    There is no expel ability to prevent unwanted guests' access to your home, no way to toggle PvP damage within your rooms, and no way to remove the /sethome and Unified Inventory teleports that a player killer might abuse against you. Additionally;

    Area boundaries should act as barriers to flowing liquids, damaging spread, or deadly radiant sources from realism mods. One example - if the owner of a grief does not have rights in your area, then there is no reason the lava should have flown down into your house. Once unauthorized liquids reach the edge of an area, they should stop updating to prevent you getting entombed. This mechanic also can prevent liquids and sources from escaping outside of personal areas, enabling players to freely place moats and farms and whatever they want inside their own base.

    Low network latency allows clients to abuse and take advantage of block rollback lag, where the client has no idea it wasn't supposed to be able to break through someone's wall before the server snaps them back into place. Running a validation check on the client before ever allowing the action would prevent nearly all wall-phasing and base-stalking on all servers. Along with the boundaries enhancements, this would be a major step forward for the whole Minetest community.

    Finally, and honestly, since both this mod and the Areas mod are used ubiquitously, contributors should consider reduxed versions of both be implemented into the base game, where it doesn't have to rely on slower LuaJIT addon systems for such a critical component of the gameplay and player experience.

    Thank you for reading.

  • Favorite Protection Mod! Simple and Easy to Use!

    Expendable, simple to use and reliable. What's more to say about a protection mod I am right? Additionally as this is their mod you can most certainly be assured they will be there for any concerns or bugs that may arise. :)

  • Simple and easy to use!

    Might not cover full areas like the Areas mod, but it is pretty simple and easy to use, and if you don't want it to be visible in your buildings, you can hide it between blocks or underground.
    The mod also provides a few other settings such as damaging the player that tried to break a block or so. That is great as well and prevents anti-cheating or lagging bugs.

  • excellent protection

    excellent server protection, easy to use, I recommend

  • Muy util

    Funciona en MineClone y en MTG y es muy configurable y util

  • Simple protection system with limits

    This is very simple: Craft and place a block, and your area is protected. Most players can understand and use that easily. Drawbacks are that you may need a lot of these protection blocks - in places given by the mod and not by the demands of your building - and that there may be places on your server where nobody can protect the land due to overlapping protection. Use this if you run a server with inexperienced players and/or players who don't plan anything too complex.

  • Best protection mode

    I really like this cool protection mod! Especially for survival servers as having free protection lowers the difficulty in my opinion..


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