Homedecor provides a large selection of items you might find inside and around your home, like sofas, chairs, tables, fences, and all manner of other stuff. See the forum topic for full details.

If signs_lib is installed, it must be commit 4ff54c9a or later.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Must-have for builders - make your homes nicer!

    This mod adds a lot of blocks that make your house and garden a lot nicer. It includes a complete bathroom set - no need to use a stair as a toilet anymore!, big fridges to keep your food (and ores :-)) cold, chairs, tables, sofas, TVs and a huge amount of other decorations, down to a wall calendar.

    The doors alone are great already and make your house look much better than the boring standard wooden door. Fences and tables can be used in diffrent ways. Realistic shingles make your roofs stand out and shine. There's even a fish tank can be illuminated! And the garden benches make your parks and roads much more inviting.

    The only drawbacks may be that some of the blocks are rather specialized and are not as universally usable as e.g. a wooden stair - and that there are a lot of blocks included.

    I've seen many players who immensely enjoyed making their homes nice with this modpack. For me, personally, if a server doesn't have this mod installed then there's something important missing.

  • Lots of stuff to decorate your builds!

    Good for creative servers! If you want to build interiors download this!

  • Comprehensive

    A very comprehensive mod filled with many different items and some nice effects to go along with them :)

  • Core Creative/Building modpack

    Homedecor is a simple, must have that is light on system resources. Enjoyed it for many years.


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