Hand Painted Pack Expanded

128×128 hand painted cartoony texture pack


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Hand Painted Pack Expanded

128×128 hand painted style texture pack made by shaft and Miloslav Číž (drummyfish) under CC0 license. It is covers all textures of MTG but aims to cover many mods too. The original Hand Painted Pack is unmaintained (I asked him) and has opaque water due to not getting updated.

Currently supported:

  • Minetest Game (compared to the original pack the water is transparent and the colors of sandstone and wool have been changed)

  • Timber Frame

  • Mesecons


Partial support:

Obviously mods that inherit textures from default work well:

Please change to this one and contribute nice CC0 textures if you can! You don't need to know git, just handing over the files with litterbox.catbox.moe when I'm reachable will work fine too.



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