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Scifi themed collection

Used in the schematics:


Scifi Nodes screenshot
Scifi Nodes by D00Med

Adds some nodes for building futuristic/sci-fi themed constructions

Minetest Game screenshot
Minetest Game by Minetest

A lightweight and well-maintained base for modding

Morelights screenshot
Morelights by random_geek

Provides flexible interior and exterior lighting options for different styles of builds.

Travelnet screenshot
Travelnet by mt-mods

Network of teleporter-boxes that allows easy travelling to other boxes on the same network.

Slats screenshot
Slats by v-rob

Adds decorative slats that have a lot of uses.

Homedecor screenshot
Homedecor by mt-mods

Feature-filled home decor modpack.

Basic Materials and items screenshot
Basic Materials and items by mt-mods

Provides a small selection of "basic" materials and items that other mods should use when possible -- things like steel bars and chains, wire, plastic strips and sheets, and more.

Framed glass screenshot
Framed glass by RealBadAngel

Framed glass adds glass nodes with a frame that connects automatically to neighbouring nodes

Mesecons screenshot
Mesecons by Jeija

Adds digital circuitry, including wires, buttons, lights, and even programmable controllers.