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These are mods I have played, and can recommend to others. Also, an easier way for me to find my favorites in future.


Minebase screenshot
Minebase by LibraSubtilis

A basic exploration, mining, crafting and building sandbox game with no NPCs, monsters or animals.

Nether screenshot
Nether by PilzAdam

Adds a deep underground realm with different mapgen that you can reach with obsidian portals.

Everness  screenshot
Everness by SaKeL

Adds many new biomes, items and blocks.

More Trees! screenshot
More Trees! by mt-mods

Adds a whole bunch of new types of trees, some bearing fruit or similar

Colorful Beds screenshot
Colorful Beds by Tarruvi

Adds the other 14 colors to the simple and fancy beds

Amethyst screenshot
Amethyst by alerikaisattera

Amethyst, basalt, calcite and related building blocks

Skygrid screenshot
Skygrid by ROllerozxa

Custom skygrid mapgen.

Geodes screenshot
Geodes by AwesomeDragon97

Adds amethyst geodes and an API for making custom geodes.