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MicuPack screenshot
MicuPack by micu

Various devices and machines for experienced miners and TechPack engineers.

Replacer screenshot
Replacer by Sokomine

Exchange/replace nodes with one click.

Everness  screenshot
Everness by SaKeL

Adds many new biomes, items and blocks.

Foodblocks screenshot
Foodblocks by Blockhead

Solid cubes of food for mass storage or building.

Areas screenshot
Areas by ShadowNinja

Areas is a advanced area protection mod based on node_ownership.

The Road (NC) screenshot
The Road (NC) by Winter94

This is a port of thelowerroad for NodeCore that adds a long road from -Z to +Z to the world, during world-generation.

ts_doors screenshot
ts_doors by Thomas-S

Adds doors for all kinds of wood.

Multitools screenshot
Multitools by ChimneySwift

Adds a series of multi-purpose tools to Minetest