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  • Players with the 'areas' privilege can dig and place in protected areas without having to grant themselves control over it.
  • Areas can be named.
  • Simpler to use.
  • Players that have a certain privilege will be able to protect a set number of areas within a size limit by themselves using the /protect command. (If the server administrator enables it)
  • Areas made with node_ownership can be converted with one simple command.
  • Areas can intersect.
  • Area owners are displayed on the HUD.
  • Players do not have to be online for you to grant them areas.
  • Cleaner and faster code. :-)



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  • Advanced, great protection mod

    Some players sometimes claim that the areas mod isn't easy enough to use for beginners. I hope my markers mod comes to their aid.

    What you get in return is a very well-working, reliable mod that can protect your buildings and landscape according to your needs - no need to plaster it with ugly protection signs/blocks or to stick to mapblock boundaries or to get unprotectable parts of the map. It just works nice and smoothly.

    IMHO a must-have for a server. Even if you combine it with other mods for beginners.

  • Among the must-have mods for almost any server...

    But, it could still use a few feature additions, additing powerful new capabilities and fixing pervasive issues with its design. For example:

    There are no area commands available that both allow full interaction of objects, while at the same time preventing all block placement and breakage in the open area. This non-uniformity breaks the functionality of many shared workshops.

    Area boundaries should act as barriers to flowing liquids, damaging spread, or deadly radiant sources from realism mods. One obvious example is - if the owner of a lava grief does not have privileges in your area, then there is no reason the lava should have flown down into your protected area. Once unauthorized liquids reach the edge of the area, they should stop updating to prevent you getting entombed in your otherwise peaceful home. This mechanic also can prevent liquids and sources from escaping outside of personal areas, enabling players to freely place moats and farms and whatever they want inside their own base, since many servers have disallowed bucket usage.

    Medium network latency allows client players to abuse and take advantage of block rollback lag, where the client has no idea it wasn't supposed to be able to break through someone's wall before the server snaps them back into place. Running a validation check on the client before ever allowing the action would prevent nearly all wall-phasing and base-stalking on all servers. Along with the boundaries enhancements, this would be a major step forward for the whole community.

    Finally, and honestly, since both this mod and the protection mods are used ubiquitously, contributors should consider remastered versions of both be implemented into the base game engine, where it doesn't have to rely on slower LuaJIT addon subsystems for such a critical component of the gameplay and overall player experience.

    Thank you for reading.

  • Great Mod

    This is a great mod.

    I think the only thing that I'd like to see added to the code is if you could do "/protect_here" and it would protect the area around you, as if you were the center most point, to the maximum allowed size.


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