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GGraffiti screenshot
GGraffiti by grorp

Paint anything! Graffiti for Minetest.

Dynamic Liquid screenshot
Dynamic Liquid by FaceDeer

Flowing dynamic liquids and ocean-maintenance springs.

Mapgen with Rivers screenshot
Mapgen with Rivers by Gaël de Sailly

Map generator focused on realistic rivers and landscapes, using physical equations.

Minor Redefinitions screenshot
Minor Redefinitions by Linuxdirk

Changes smaller things that are issues for either Minetest or Minetest Game that are technically fixable but won’t be fixed due to several non-technical reasons.

Saturation Adjustment screenshot
Saturation Adjustment by ROllerozxa

Adds a chat command that allows you to adjust the saturation of the graphics.

K Color Blocks screenshot
K Color Blocks by ketwaroo

Adds specific stainable blocks for building stuff in creative mode. Comes with a rainbow wand for applying the tints.

I Have Hands screenshot
I Have Hands by SURV

Carry nodes/blocks with inventories without breaking them.

Placement Preview screenshot
Placement Preview by SURV

shows a preview with orientation of the node the player is holding.