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Dynamic Liquid screenshot
Dynamic Liquid by FaceDeer

[Simplistic node based fluid simulation. WIP fork available here: https://github.com/Lemente/dynamic_liquid]

Sedimentology screenshot
Sedimentology by sofar

A mod that adds realistic erosion and degradation of rocks.

Waterfalls screenshot
Waterfalls by Termos

Adds water erosion, so flowing water forms somewhat more realistic looking waterfalls. [might be redundant with sedimentology]

Moon Phases screenshot
Moon Phases by TestificateMods

Changes the moon to follow a cycle between eight different phases.

Solar Phases screenshot
Solar Phases by VeproGames

Simulate variable daytime lengths, including polar day / night

Auroras screenshot
Auroras by random_geek

Adds auroras (northern/southern lights) at night in cold places.

Lightning screenshot
Lightning by sofar

A mod that adds thunder and lightning effects.

tides & floods screenshot
tides & floods by Lemente

[WIP] [Warning: read full description] Adds the /sealevel command to rise/lower the sealevel.

Ambience screenshot
Ambience by TenPlus1

Adds realistic sound effects into your world.

Footprints screenshot
Footprints by FaceDeer

Players walking over various types of terrain will leave footprints, and optionally pack the soil down into trails

Pedology screenshot
Pedology by Wuzzy

Adds some different ground blocks in several wetness levels; the wetness slowly flows downward.

balanced diet screenshot
balanced diet by fluxionary

api for specifying multiple dimensions to eating