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Player Enhancements

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Offhand Items screenshot
Offhand Items by TestificateMods

Lets you equip nodes and place them without switching tools

Throwing Redo screenshot
Throwing Redo by Palige

New throwing implementation designed to be extensible

Touch screenshot
Touch by Skamiz Kazzarch

Orient yourself in the darkness by touch.

3D Armor screenshot
3D Armor by stu

Visible player armor & wielded items.

Painted 3D Armor screenshot
Painted 3D Armor by Beerholder

Adds banners to your armor, either painted using the painting mod or created using the banners mod

3D Armor Flyswim screenshot
3D Armor Flyswim by sirrobzeroone

Adds Flying and Swimming animations to base character model for 3d_armor

Skeletons screenshot
Skeletons by SFENCE

Add player and some animals skeleton to your game.

Slow Eater screenshot
Slow Eater by Wuzzy

After eating something, the player must wait for 5 seconds before eating again.

Radiant Damage screenshot
Radiant Damage by FaceDeer

A mod that allows nodes to damage players at a distance

Fire Plus screenshot
Fire Plus by LandarVargan

Allows players to be lit on fire.

Visible Sneak screenshot
Visible Sneak by niwla23

A mod to make sneaking visible. The player gets smaller on sneak and the viewpoint is lower.

Controls screenshot
Controls by mt-mods

Utility library for control press/hold/release events

Footprints screenshot
Footprints by FaceDeer

Players walking over various types of terrain will leave footprints, and optionally pack the soil down into trails

Emote screenshot
Emote by sofar

Provides player emotes and an api to make the player model sit, lie down and perform other actions.

Player Monoids screenshot
Player Monoids by Byakuren

player_monoids is a library for managing global player state, such as physicsoverrides or player visual size.

Lighting Monoid screenshot
Lighting Monoid by TestificateMods

Provides a compatibility API for player lighting

persistent_monoids screenshot
persistent_monoids by fluxionary

player_monoids that persist between player sessions and server restarts/crashes.

Player Plus Mod screenshot
Player Plus Mod by TenPlus1

Adds effects to player to change speeds and cause damage

Stamina (Fork) screenshot
Stamina (Fork) by TenPlus1

Adds stamina and hunger (this fork adds drunk effects and player_monoids/pova support)

limit_physics_monoids screenshot
limit_physics_monoids by fluxionary

overrides monoids controlling player physics provided by player_monoids, to limit how big they can grow.

SkinsDB screenshot
SkinsDB by bell07

Custom player skins manager with support for 1.0 and 1.8er skins and inventory skins selector

hand_monoid screenshot
hand_monoid by fluxionary

player monoid for controlling the look and abilities of the player's hand.

Dynamic Input-Held Eating screenshot
Dynamic Input-Held Eating by TPH

Eating with particles, sounds, visible ItemStacks (5.4+), and holding down input. Heavy coding customization for programmers