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My favourite games for Minetest that aren't survival/crafters/sandboxes


Winner of the 2021 game jam, Alter is a puzzle game with a cool mechanic - each test chamber is split in half, with the halves 'coupled' together - doing something in one half will affect the other half. You need to get to the exit.


Winner of the 2022 game jam, Glitch is a parkour game with a story. The

Little Lady

Little lady shows that the Minetest world doesn't need to be cubey!

Box World 3D

A puzzle game where you need to push boxes to the correct position, based on Box World. I really like the game mechanic and the idea behind this. Unfortunately, it's quite short.

Colour Hop


Modular Portals


Subway Miner





Alter screenshot
Alter by yaman

A challenging puzzle game in a dystopian future.

Glitch screenshot
Glitch by Wuzzy

You’re lost in cyberspace. Collect electrons, unlock new sectors and find your destination

Box World 3D screenshot
Box World 3D by Hume2

A puzzle game where you push boxes into marbles, whilst avoiding obstacles

Colour Hop screenshot
Colour Hop by talas

Help the jumping blobs defeat the evil dragons and bring colour back to the world.

Piranesi Restoration Project screenshot
Piranesi Restoration Project by Warr1024

Discover the secrets of the space-bending house, in this polished remake of iarbat's award-winning original game.