Bushy Leaves (fork)

Makes leaves render bushy instead of boxy. Now with better performance and Plantlife support.


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Bushy Leaves bushy_leaves

This mod changes leaves to render bushy instead of boxy.

Fork of Bushy Leaves by erlehmann. Now with better performance (thanks to meshes) and proper Plantlife support.

Tested with:

full vs cheap

It can be hard to choose what mesh type you want for bushy leaves. By default it is full, but you can configure bushy leaves to render with the cheap mesh instead.

full mesh is (almost) identical to the the nodebox that was used in the original mod.

Screenshot: bushy leaves with full mesh type

cheap mesh has been simplified to get better performance. But it wasn't a lossless optimization; you can see the differences from the full mesh here.

Screenshot: bushy leaves with cheap mesh type

The choice is completely up to you. But if you're a server owner and want to use this mod on your server (god forbid), at the very least do all your players with lower end devices a favor and go with cheap.

Both meshes were created by singularis-mzf, see models/license.txt.



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