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Server Tools (Quality of Life improvements)

A collection by NA0341

Administration, Automation, Maintenance, Enhanced Player Experience (chat, interaction, etc.).


Example Lua mapgen screenshot
Example Lua mapgen by ROllerozxa

A basic example for writing custom Lua mapgen using Perlin noise.

HTTPBlocks screenshot
HTTPBlocks by 56independent

This mod adds a simple HTTP request device for digilines.

balanced diet screenshot
balanced diet by fluxionary

api for specifying multiple dimensions to eating

afk_api screenshot
afk_api by fluxionary

an API for registering events which trigger when a player goes AFK or comes back from AFK.

Markers screenshot
Markers by Sokomine

Easy interface (GUI) for the areas/advanced_areas protection mod

Schematic Editor screenshot
Schematic Editor by Wuzzy

Advanced tool for modders and advanced users to create and edit schematics.

Central Message screenshot
Central Message by Wuzzy

Simple API to show messages to the center of the screen to players.

Mail screenshot
Mail by mt-mods

Ingame mail-system

Terraform screenshot
Terraform by x2048

Adds terraforming tools to your creative toolbox