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Subtitles screenshot
Subtitles by Silver Sandstone

Adds on-screen subtitles for sound effects.

Tardis screenshot
Tardis by iarbat

Adds a functioning space-time machine from the tv show doctor who.

Advanced Trains screenshot
Advanced Trains by orwell

Adds good-looking, realistic trains with realistic rails.

Sandwiches! screenshot
Sandwiches! by Annalysa

Add Sandwiches to your game! Choose between meat, vegetarian, jam and many more!

Foodblocks screenshot
Foodblocks by Blockhead

Solid cubes of food for mass storage or building.

Hunger with HUD Bar screenshot
Hunger with HUD Bar by Wuzzy

This mod adds a simple hunger mechanic (plus HUD bar) to the game. Eat food to avoid starvation, be sated to regenerate health.

Sprint Lite screenshot
Sprint Lite by mt-mods

Configurable sprinting mod that supports player_monoids, hbhunger and hudbars.

HUD Bars screenshot
HUD Bars by Wuzzy

Replaces the default health and breath symbols by horizontal colored bars with text showing the number. Extensible.