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Game Jam 2022

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Entries to the 2022 Minetest Game Jam


Glitch screenshot
Glitch by Wuzzy

You’re lost in cyberspace. Collect electrons, unlock new sectors and find your destination

Klots screenshot
Klots by Warr1024

Sliding block puzzles in an alien environment

SlideSpace screenshot
SlideSpace by MisterE

Choose your direction wisely. A simple puzzle game.

Spiraling Down screenshot
Spiraling Down by Spiraling Down Devs

Work your way down in the hostile to life environment of Enceladus

Torrlund screenshot
Torrlund by LandarVargan

Your ship has crashed, armed with a few tools you must harvest meteorites to repair your ship while fighting off hordes of aliens

DSSSSA screenshot
DSSSSA by cx384

DS's Space Search Adventure