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Unified Inventory screenshot
Unified Inventory by RealBadAngel

Replaces the default inventory and adds a number of features, such as a crafting guide

WorldEdit HUD Helper screenshot
WorldEdit HUD Helper by Starbeamrainbowlabs

Displays the name of the node you're looking at & your rotation in your HUD. Banish the debug text forever!

WorldEdit Additions screenshot
WorldEdit Additions by Starbeamrainbowlabs

Extra tools and commands to extend WorldEdit. Currently has over 70 commands!

WorldEdit screenshot
WorldEdit by sfan5

In-game world editor. Use it to repair griefing, or just create awesome buildings in seconds.

GGraffiti screenshot
GGraffiti by grorp

Paint anything! Graffiti for Minetest.

Pickblock screenshot
Pickblock by ROllerozxa

Allows you to put the selected node in an empty slot of your hotbar when you're in creative mode.