i3 is a next-generation inventory for Minetest.

This inventory offers a slick, modern UI made with the latest technologies of the Minetest engine. i3 provides a rich API for mod developers who want to extend it.

List of features:
  • Crafting Guide (only in survival mode)
  • Progressive Mode┬╣
  • Quick Crafting
  • Backpacks
  • 3D Player Model Preview
  • Inventory Sorting (alphabetical + item stack compression)
  • Item Bookmarks
  • Waypoints

┬╣ This mode is a Terraria-like system that shows recipes you can craft from items you ever had in your inventory. To enable it: i3_progressive_mode = true in minetest.conf.

This mod officially supports the following mods:

To use this mod in the best conditions, it's recommended to follow these recommendations:

  • Use LuaJIT
  • Use a HiDPI widescreen display
  • Use the default Freetype font style

i3 uses a larger inventory than the usual inventories in Minetest games. Thus, most chests will be unadapted to this inventory size. The i3 inventory is 9 slots wide by default (without backpack), such as in Minecraft.

Please report any bug on the Bug Tracker.

Demo video on YouTube (outdated).



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