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Multidecor screenshot
Multidecor by Andrey01

Adds various detailed furniture components, decorations and exterior stuff with various designs and styles of each epoch.

Homedecor screenshot
Homedecor by mt-mods

Feature-filled home decor modpack.

Pixelart screenshot
Pixelart by Linuxdirk

This mod adds nodes for pixelart grouped in color palettes to Minetest

Horsetail++ screenshot
Horsetail++ by TX Miner

Lets you eat Horsetails from Paleotest. Very helpful in caves!!!

Compactor screenshot
Compactor by alerikaisattera

A Technic based machine for converting certain items into more compact forms

Enchantments Extractor screenshot
Enchantments Extractor by Impulse

The Enchantment Extractor is a utility that separates enchantments from items, transferring them to books for storage or later application to other items.

Chest Tools screenshot
Chest Tools by Sokomine

Shared locked chests with bag support and quick inventory access

Handholds screenshot
Handholds by Shara

Adds a climbing pick which creates handholds in stone, desert stone, sandstones and ice nodes.

Giftbox2 screenshot
Giftbox2 by Wuzzy

Gift boxes that players can give to other who will then receive random items

Protector Redux screenshot
Protector Redux by sorcerykid

An efficient and flexible node-based protection scheme for multiplayer worlds

Everness  screenshot
Everness by SaKeL

Adds many new biomes, items and blocks.