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Minetest Realism Mods and Textures

A collection by Thunder1035

Collection of Mods and texture pack for Realism


Emote screenshot
Emote by sofar

Provides player emotes and an api to make the player model sit, lie down and perform other actions.

Edit Skin screenshot
Edit Skin by Johannes Fritz

Advanced player skin customization

Stair Carpets screenshot
Stair Carpets by AwesomeDragon97

Allows you to place carpets on stairs and slabs.

Bike screenshot
Bike by Hume2

Adds a rideable bike with animations and extensive colors.

Builtin Item screenshot
Builtin Item by TenPlus1

Dropped items can now be pushed by water, burn quickly in lava and have their own custom functions.

Illumination screenshot
Illumination by mt-mods

Makes players emit light while holding any luminescent item.

X Farming screenshot
X Farming by SaKeL

Farming with new plants, crops, trees, ice fishing, bees, candles, scarecrow, crates, composter, bonemeal, ropes, pies...

Waterfalls screenshot
Waterfalls by Termos

Adds water erosion, so flowing water forms somewhat more realistic looking waterfalls.

Dynamic Liquid screenshot
Dynamic Liquid by FaceDeer

Flowing dynamic liquids and ocean-maintenance springs.

Loose Rocks screenshot
Loose Rocks by eduardomezencio

Adds loose rocks which generate randomly on the surface.

Itemshelf screenshot
Itemshelf by zorman2000

Generic item shelf with 3D items on display

Vehicles screenshot
Vehicles by D00Med

A mod that adds an api for cars, planes, and other vehicles.