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Example Lua mapgen screenshot
Example Lua mapgen by ROllerozxa

A basic example for writing custom Lua mapgen using Perlin noise.

Saturation Adjustment screenshot
Saturation Adjustment by ROllerozxa

Adds a chat command that allows you to adjust the saturation of the graphics.

Sculpture screenshot
Sculpture by SFENCE

Make player possible to make his own sculture and paint on it with painting oil colors. Hades Revisited is supported.

GGraffiti screenshot
GGraffiti by grorp

Paint anything! Graffiti for Minetest.

Ambience screenshot
Ambience by TenPlus1

Adds realistic sound effects into your world.

Climate API screenshot
Climate API by TestificateMods

A powerful engine for weather presets and visual effects. Requires a weather pack like Regional Weather.

Persistent Effects screenshot
Persistent Effects by epCode

An API for creating persistent effects for any object. eg. damage a player or entity over time. (like poison)

Player Plus Mod screenshot
Player Plus Mod by TenPlus1

Adds effects to player to change speeds and cause damage

Auroras screenshot
Auroras by random_geek

Adds auroras (northern/southern lights) at night in cold places.

Abriglass screenshot
Abriglass by mt-mods

Adds coloured glass, patterned stained glass, glass lights and one way windows.

Map Fixer screenshot
Map Fixer by Gaël de Sailly

Fix some map errors (flow and light problems)

Lighting Monoid screenshot
Lighting Monoid by TestificateMods

Provides a compatibility API for player lighting

Snowdrift screenshot
Snowdrift by paramat

Light-weight weather mod with snow, rain, and clouds.

Luamap screenshot
Luamap by MisterE

An easy-to-use api for lua mapgens that takes the pain out of mapgen coding. Focus on mapgen logic, not on voxelmanipulation.

Cartographer screenshot
Cartographer by Hugues Ross

A mapmaking API. Needs additional mods to function.

MT POI Map screenshot
MT POI Map by beaver700nh

Displays a map with points of interest, for any game (no dependencies).

Scary Ambience screenshot
Scary Ambience by StarNinjas

Adds scary sounds, and music to nighttime and caves.

Wield Gadgets screenshot
Wield Gadgets by 1F616EMO

Register gadgets that can be used with a hotkey

Key Binding screenshot
Key Binding by 1F616EMO

Register callbacks when a key is pressed, holded, or released.

Gettime screenshot
Gettime by 1F616EMO

A api to get in-game hour/minute

Cycles screenshot
Cycles by 1F616EMO

API to cycle though block/item state on certan events

Banisters screenshot
Banisters by 1F616EMO

Adds straight and diagonal banisters for stairs railings.

Under Sky screenshot
Under Sky by Shara

Skybox switch for really dark Minetest caves

Other Worlds screenshot
Other Worlds by TenPlus1

Adds asteroid layers and height-based skybox switches to create space environments.

Runtime Strictness screenshot
Runtime Strictness by LMD

Disallows questionable usage of the Lua API & Lua itself to help catch errors

afk_api screenshot
afk_api by fluxionary

an API for registering events which trigger when a player goes AFK or comes back from AFK.

Controls screenshot
Controls by mt-mods

Utility library for control press/hold/release events

Keyevent screenshot
Keyevent by DS

Adds an event for when player presses a key.

HUD FS screenshot
HUD FS by Luke

A library to make HUDs from formspecs

Pova screenshot
Pova by TenPlus1

Gives mod makers a set of functions to safely apply player physics overrides.

Player Physics API screenshot
Player Physics API by Wuzzy

This makes it possible for multiple mods to modify player physics (speed, jumping strength, gravity) without conflict.

The Origin screenshot
The Origin by Wuzzy

Adds a single starter block below the first spawn position in singlenode, called “The Origin”

Spawn Builder screenshot
Spawn Builder by Wuzzy

Generates a stone platform below the world origin or static spawn point.