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🎲 Virtual Tabletop

A collection by Lemente

a collection of mods that would be usefull to run virtual tabletop games


Candles 3D screenshot
Candles 3D by mazes

Place candles in world. Add, remove or taint candles from placed nodes

Personal Bookmarks screenshot
Personal Bookmarks by AntumDeluge

Allows players to create a limited number of personal bookmarks to where they can teleport.

Classroom screenshot
Classroom by rubenwardy

An easy way to manage students in-game, with support for bulk actions and macros.

Cloaking screenshot
Cloaking by Luke

Allows admins to become invisible and appear as if they are not in-game at all.

Clothing  2 screenshot
Clothing 2 by SFENCE

Add clothes to game, based on clothing from stu. For available machines and clothes, use this with appliances mod. Skinsdb makes clothing visible.

Rocks screenshot
Rocks by Just_Visiting

Adds fun rocks to bring new life to your survival and creative creations!

Dice screenshot
Dice by Wuzzy

Decorative dice blocks which face a random direction.

Edit Skin screenshot
Edit Skin by Johannes Fritz

Advanced player skin customization

Edit screenshot
Edit by Johannes Fritz

Allows copying, pasting, filling, deleting, replacing and saving 3D areas

Epidermis screenshot
Epidermis by LMD

Live in-game skin editing! Upload & download to & from SkinDB!

GGraffiti screenshot
GGraffiti by grorp

Paint anything! Graffiti for Minetest.

Go screenshot
Go by LMD

A game of Go

Inotify screenshot
Inotify by ApolloX

A notification tool for players in-game.

MT_QOL screenshot
MT_QOL by beaver700nh

Improves in-game QOL by adding helpful commands

Personal Log screenshot
Personal Log by FaceDeer

A personal log where players can track events and places

Pickblock screenshot
Pickblock by ROllerozxa

Allows you to put the selected node in an empty slot of your hotbar when you're in creative mode.

Perma Time screenshot
Perma Time by _Xenon

Allows players to have permanent day/night without changing the game time.

Rename screenshot
Rename by niwla23

This Mod can rename Items

Sculpture screenshot
Sculpture by SFENCE

Make player possible to make his own sculture and paint on it with painting oil colors. Hades Revisited is supported.

sfinv screenshot
sfinv by rubenwardy

A cleaner, simpler solution to having an advanced inventory

SF Inventory Bags screenshot
SF Inventory Bags by TenPlus1

Adds a BAGS tab to SF Inventory with slots for different size bags to store items

SkinsDB screenshot
SkinsDB by bell07

Custom player skins manager with support for 1.0 and 1.8er skins and inventory skins selector

3D Armor screenshot
3D Armor by stu

Visible player armor & wielded items.

Visible Sneak screenshot
Visible Sneak by niwla23

A mod to make sneaking visible. The player gets smaller on sneak and the viewpoint is lower.

Resize Me! screenshot
Resize Me! by VeproGames

Become an Ant or a Giant! Exposes API