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Glitch screenshot
Glitch by Wuzzy

You’re lost in cyberspace. Collect electrons, unlock new sectors and find your destination

Alter screenshot
Alter by yaman

A challenging puzzle game in a dystopian future.

Exile screenshot
Exile by Mantar

Challenging, at times brutal, wilderness survival with simple technology.

Piranesi Restoration Project screenshot
Piranesi Restoration Project by Warr1024

Discover the secrets of the space-bending house, in this polished remake of iarbat's award-winning original game.

Klots screenshot
Klots by Warr1024

Sliding block puzzles in an alien environment

Asuna screenshot
Asuna by EmptyStar

A vibrant world of beautiful biomes. Explore, discover, create.

Blockbomber screenshot
Blockbomber by MisterE

Battle your friends for power-ups and be the last blocker standing! A Multiplayer Bomberman clone.

Hades Revisited screenshot
Hades Revisited by Wuzzy

You have stranded on the planet Hades. Use your limited supplies to survive and use terraforming to create a beautiful habitable place. (EARLY TEST VERSION)

Repixture screenshot
Repixture by Wuzzy

Simplistic sandbox survival game that plays in mostly lush biomes in a mostly peaceful world and only simple technologies.

SlideSpace screenshot
SlideSpace by MisterE

Choose your direction wisely. A simple puzzle game.

Box World 3D screenshot
Box World 3D by Hume2

A puzzle game where you push boxes into marbles, whilst avoiding obstacles

NodeCore screenshot
NodeCore by Warr1024

Discover and invent in a surreal, unsympathetic world of cubes, patterns, and abstractions.

Backrooms Test screenshot
Backrooms Test by Sumianvoice

A game about exploring uncanny, vaguely unsettling, liminal spaces. The goal is to explore, be lost, wander. Can you find all the levels?