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Game Jam 2021

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Entries to the 2021 Minetest Game Jam


Subway Miner screenshot
Subway Miner by AFCM

A Subway Surfers inspired game. Collect the mese in an infinite runner.

Alter screenshot
Alter by yaman

A challenging puzzle game in a dystopian future.

Colour Hop screenshot
Colour Hop by talas

Help the jumping blobs defeat the evil dragons and bring colour back to the world.

Builda City screenshot
Builda City by Splizard

A multiplayer city-building game. Press 'i' ingame for help.

Blockbomber screenshot
Blockbomber by MisterE

Battle your friends for power-ups and be the last blocker standing! A Multiplayer Bomberman clone.

Balloonair screenshot
Balloonair by NO11

A hot air balloon game created for the 2021 Minetest GAME JAM.

Build'N'Buy screenshot
Build'N'Buy by j45

A game inspired by Minecraft Championship's Build Mart, where you have to replicate mini build and to get the materials for them, you have to go 'shopping'.

Lazarr! screenshot
Lazarr! by Wuzzy

Laser puzzle game (UNFINISHED!)

Stella screenshot
Stella by 1248

You start on a small island and your goal is to enlarge it.

Snake 3D screenshot
Snake 3D by cx384

The classical Snake game extended to 3 dimensions.

LuckyDude screenshot
LuckyDude by Xenon

Can you guess which cube to hit last?

survivethedays screenshot
survivethedays by JALdMIC

A little experiment.Warning very early version,more a concept than a complete game.

Berzerkpt screenshot
Berzerkpt by carlos_rupp

Action game in ancient Egypt.

spMeTeR screenshot
spMeTeR by crabycowman123

game jam submission