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Medieval Build

A collection by Lemente


pkarcs screenshot
pkarcs by TumeniNodes

Adds arched doors

Columnia screenshot
Columnia by mt-mods

Adds simple pillars and columns

3D Furniture by tony-ka screenshot
3D Furniture by tony-ka by CalebJ

A lightweight mod which adds various home and bathroom furniture nodes, and some castle/medieval-themed nodes.

Fire Braziers screenshot
Fire Braziers by Excalibur Zero

Fire braziers that cause flames to erupt one node above them that don't fade right away when are near flames or are punched.

Brick Walls screenshot
Brick Walls by philipmi

Adds brick walls from different types of bricks.

Windmill screenshot
Windmill by Sokomine

Rotating sails and rotor blades for classic and modern windmills.

Palisade screenshot
Palisade by SFENCE

Add craftable palisades in many styles. Hades Revisited is supported.

Bell Chimes screenshot
Bell Chimes by sorcerykid

Adds a set of church bells that are chimed automatically at different periods.

Plaster screenshot
Plaster by Extex

Adds a variety of Plaster blocks for building.

Castle Tapestries screenshot
Castle Tapestries by FaceDeer

This is a mod for creating medieval tapestries, as found in castles

Stoneworks screenshot
Stoneworks by TumeniNodes

Stoneworks simply adds some fun, and cool building options to Minetest.

Pillars screenshot
Pillars by citorva

Add a lot of pillars for fun.

Extra Doors screenshot
Extra Doors by sorcerykid

Extra Doors provides a range of interior and exterior doors for builders

Mydoors screenshot
Mydoors by Don

Adds several different style doors.

Castle Gates screenshot
Castle Gates by FaceDeer

This is a mod all about creating castle gates and dungeons

Castle Masonry screenshot
Castle Masonry by FaceDeer

This is a mod all about creating castles and castle dungeons.

Tomb Stones screenshot
Tomb Stones by Nathan.S

Adds many shapes and styles of tombstones.

Trails screenshot
Trails by X5Dragonfire

Allows you to make paths in grass with ground roller

Chains screenshot
Chains by X17

Adds chains to climb or decorate

Angled Walls screenshot
Angled Walls by TumeniNodes

Angled & Sloped Walls, Angled Glass, & Angled Doors

Castles++ screenshot
Castles++ by philipbenr

This is a modpack all about creating castles and castle dungeons.

Rocks screenshot
Rocks by Just_Visiting

Adds fun rocks to bring new life to your survival and creative creations!

ArtDeco screenshot
ArtDeco by TumeniNodes

This mod just adds some new building blocks to Minetest.

Church Modpack screenshot
Church Modpack by SFENCE

Church Modpack adds many decorative nodes to the game.

Cottages screenshot
Cottages by Sokomine

Build medieval cottages with furniture, window shutters and roofs, thresh your wheat, repair your tools.

X-Decor-libre screenshot
X-Decor-libre by Wuzzy

A decoration mod meant to be simple and well-featured (libre version).

Castle Farming screenshot
Castle Farming by FaceDeer

Contains farming products useful for decorating a castle

Bell screenshot
Bell by Sokomine

A bell that sounds each hour - like a historic bell in a church or town hall

Castle Storage screenshot
Castle Storage by FaceDeer

Contains storage containers one might find contained in a castle.

Wine screenshot
Wine by TenPlus1

Adds wine barrel to ferment different foods into drinks.