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A collection by Neuromancer

Compelling gameplay that should be Minetest's default game.


Protector Redo screenshot
Protector Redo by TenPlus1

Lets players craft special blocks to protect their builds or disable PVP in areas.

Mobs Redo API screenshot
Mobs Redo API by TenPlus1

Simple and feature rich API to quickly add mobs into your world.

Creatura screenshot
Creatura by ElCeejo

A performant, semi-modular, Animal focused mob API

3D Armor screenshot
3D Armor by stu

Visible player armor & wielded items.

Hardcore Farming screenshot
Hardcore Farming by Neuromancer

Makes farming a hardcore challenge by adding very hungry pests. Can you overcome them or will they defeat you?

Swamp Biome screenshot
Swamp Biome by Atlante

This mod adds a new swamp biome, with mangrove trees, mud and more!

Swamplified screenshot
Swamplified by Neuromancer

This mod adds a few more nice touches to Atlante's Swamp biome mod

Wilhelmines People screenshot
Wilhelmines People by Liil

Adds the possibility to build living Villages. Trade items for random stuff from your villagers, recruit mounts and warriors.

X Farming screenshot
X Farming by SaKeL

Farming with new plants, crops, trees, ice fishing, bees, candles, scarecrow, crates, composter, bonemeal, ropes, pies...

X Bows screenshot
X Bows by SaKeL

Adds bow and arrows with API.

Cherry Biome screenshot
Cherry Biome by Atlante

This mod adds a new cherry biome to minetest

Better Biomes by Atlante screenshot
Better Biomes by Atlante by Neuromancer

This mod adds some of the subtle understated beauty of nature to your biomes to make the world look more natural. It was created by Atlante.

Bamboo Biome screenshot
Bamboo Biome by Atlante

This mod adds a new bamboo biome to minetest

Petroglyphs screenshot
Petroglyphs by Neuromancer

Adds petroglyphs which generate randomly in desert stone walls

Rock Piles screenshot
Rock Piles by Neuromancer

Adds rock piles which generate randomly on the surface and in caves

Anvil screenshot
Anvil by FaceDeer

Hammer and anvil for repairing tools

futil screenshot
futil by fluxionary

flux's utility mod

Unified Inventory screenshot
Unified Inventory by RealBadAngel

Replaces the default inventory and adds a number of features, such as a crafting guide

fmod screenshot
fmod by fluxionary

flux's mod boilerplate

Mob Limiter screenshot
Mob Limiter by Neuromancer

removes mobs over max count near players

Playtimes screenshot
Playtimes by Neuromancer

/playtimes command lets users see the playtimes & last login time for all users on the server

Mail screenshot
Mail by mt-mods

Ingame mail-system

Node Admin screenshot
Node Admin by Neuromancer

Admin tool to get node info & dig undiggable nodes