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Mail screenshot
Mail by mt-mods

Ingame mail-system

Advanced Trains screenshot
Advanced Trains by orwell

Adds good-looking, realistic trains with realistic rails.

Technic Plus screenshot
Technic Plus by mt-mods

Technic fork with focus on features and stability

Powerbanks screenshot
Powerbanks by OgelGames

Adds portable powerbanks used to charge technic tools

AirUtils screenshot
AirUtils by APercy

A lib for airplanes and some useful tools

PA28 screenshot
PA28 by APercy

Adds a craftable PA28

Mesecons screenshot
Mesecons by Jeija

Adds digital circuitry, including wires, buttons, lights, and even programmable controllers.

Digilines screenshot
Digilines by Jeija

This mod adds digiline wires, an RTC (Real Time Clock), a light sensor as well as an LCD Screen.

Pipeworks screenshot
Pipeworks by mt-mods

Supplies a complete set of nice, round mesh-based water pipes, boxy item-transport tubes, and devices that work with them.

Digtron screenshot
Digtron by FaceDeer

Adds components for building modular tunnel boring machines

Metatool screenshot
Metatool by SX

Provides API to register node metadata tools along with few useful tools

DlxTrains screenshot
DlxTrains by Marnack

Additional railway related content for use with Advanced Trains (advtrains).

Minetest Game screenshot
Minetest Game by Minetest

A lightweight and well-maintained base for modding

Animalia screenshot
Animalia by ElCeejo

Brings a plethora of wildlife and expands exploration

SuperQuest screenshot
SuperQuest by Andrii

Allows to create quests with rewards which can be passed by triggering flags placed in different places

Extended Circular Saw screenshot
Extended Circular Saw by Andrey01

An extension for the circular saw from the original moreblocks mod adding a big set of new microblocks shapes.

Roads screenshot
Roads by cheapie

Advanced modern road infastructure (fork)

Plantlife screenshot
Plantlife by mt-mods

Adds various kinds of plants, fruit bushes, fallen trees, and a whole host of foliage and other ground cover.

More Trees! screenshot
More Trees! by mt-mods

Adds a whole bunch of new types of trees, some bearing fruit or similar

Better Biomes by Atlante screenshot
Better Biomes by Atlante by Neuromancer

This mod adds some of the subtle understated beauty of nature to your biomes to make the world look more natural. It was created by Atlante.

Awards screenshot
Awards by rubenwardy

Adds achievements

Ethereal NG screenshot
Ethereal NG by TenPlus1

Adds many new biomes, items and mechanics into the world.

Capture the Flag screenshot
Capture the Flag by rubenwardy

Two or more teams battle to snatch and return the enemy flags, before the enemy takes their own!

Replacer screenshot
Replacer by Sokomine

Exchange/replace nodes with one click.