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Stone Chests screenshot
Stone Chests by AwesomeDragon97

Replaces the wooden chests found in dungeons with stone chests.

What are those!? screenshot
What are those!? by tacotexmex

See what those nodes are called by simply looking at them (or by punching them)

Key Combos screenshot
Key Combos by epCode

A lib for adding actions when certain keys are pressed in order.

MobConf screenshot
MobConf by zeuner

Place, remove and configure Mobs (for now: NPCs) using chatcommands

Scramble screenshot
Scramble by tacotexmex

Renames all nodes to a hashed equivalent.

Lighting Monoid screenshot
Lighting Monoid by TestificateMods

Provides a compatibility API for player lighting

limit_physics_monoids screenshot
limit_physics_monoids by fluxionary

overrides monoids controlling player physics provided by player_monoids, to limit how big they can grow.

persistent_monoids screenshot
persistent_monoids by fluxionary

player_monoids that persist between player sessions and server restarts/crashes.

Leads screenshot
Leads by Silver Sandstone

Adds leads for moving and tethering animals.

HTTPBlocks screenshot
HTTPBlocks by 56independent

This mod adds a simple HTTP request device for digilines.

afk_api screenshot
afk_api by fluxionary

an API for registering events which trigger when a player goes AFK or comes back from AFK.

bug command screenshot
bug command by fluxionary

adds a command that submits a bug report to a github repo.

description_monoids screenshot
description_monoids by fluxionary

API to allow multiple mods to make modifications to an itemstack's description

defaultpack Remastered screenshot
defaultpack Remastered by tinneh

~Remastered version of the Minetest Game default texture pack – aims for a smoother and realistic look

Worldgate screenshot
Worldgate by EmptyStar

Randomly generated teleportation network that can teleport players between gates throughout the world

balanced diet screenshot
balanced diet by fluxionary

api for specifying multiple dimensions to eating

Climbing Pick screenshot
Climbing Pick by lag01

Tool to climb, double jump, and do good damage to mobs.

BlockHead screenshot
BlockHead by Silver Sandstone

Lets you put a block on your head.

Subtitles screenshot
Subtitles by Silver Sandstone

Adds on-screen subtitles for sound effects.

Amethyst screenshot
Amethyst by alerikaisattera

Amethyst, basalt, calcite and related building blocks

Stalker screenshot
Stalker by DuckGo

A terrifying and very strong monster that lives in caves

Permatime screenshot
Permatime by ROllerozxa

Set the day of time cycle to a certain time permanently.

Doclib screenshot
Doclib by joe7575

A library to generate ingame manuals based on markdown files.

Scriptblocks 2 screenshot
Scriptblocks 2 by rdococ

Adds nodes that can be used to build reusable programs.

Node Object screenshot
Node Object by jwmhjwmh

A library for associating objects with nodes

Corroded Metal screenshot
Corroded Metal by M. BLOC

Metal can rust when next to water. Restore it with acid from underground.

Phonics screenshot
Phonics by Neuromancer

Phonics (Learn how to Read)

group:any screenshot
group:any by 1F616EMO

Item group applied to ALL items for crafting recipes.