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Cinematic Zoom screenshot
Cinematic Zoom by Fennelfox

Replaces the built-in zooming feature with a cool, nicer-looking animation.

Rotting Wood screenshot
Rotting Wood by Polynium

Causes wood to slowly rot while exposed to water

Inventory Icon screenshot
Inventory Icon by Wuzzy

Shows a backpack icon in the HUD, which shows how many slots are available and free in the player inventory and equipped bags (if available).

Illumination screenshot
Illumination by mt-mods

Makes players emit light while holding any luminescent item.

Visible Sneak screenshot
Visible Sneak by niwla23

A mod to make sneaking visible. The player gets smaller on sneak and the viewpoint is lower.

Renewable Fireflies screenshot
Renewable Fireflies by mecha_moonboy

Registers an ABM on some ground blocks that spawn fireflies if certain criteria are met.

Spears screenshot
Spears by Echoes91

Adds spears, versatile weapons that can be thrown.

Crops screenshot
Crops by sofar

This mod expands the basic set of farming-related crops that minetest_game offers.

Animalia screenshot
Animalia by ElCeejo

Brings a plethora of wildlife and expands exploration

Random Teleport screenshot
Random Teleport by Droog71

Allows players to teleport to a random location using the /rtp command.

Fire Plus screenshot
Fire Plus by LandarVargan

Allows players to be lit on fire.

Regrow screenshot
Regrow by TenPlus1

This mod helps to regrow tree fruits instead of replanting saplings.

Woodcutting screenshot
Woodcutting by bell07

Mine the first tree node from a tree while the sneak key is pressed to start the woodcutting process.

Islands screenshot
Islands by Termos

lua mapgen featuring tropical islands and vast ocean

3D Armor Flyswim screenshot
3D Armor Flyswim by sirrobzeroone

Adds Flying and Swimming animations to base character model for 3d_armor

More Trees! screenshot
More Trees! by mt-mods

Adds a whole bunch of new types of trees, some bearing fruit or similar

Dashing screenshot
Dashing by LMD

Quick energy burst alternative to sprinting

Anvil screenshot
Anvil by FaceDeer

Hammer and anvil for repairing tools

X Farming screenshot
X Farming by SaKeL

Farming with new plants, crops, trees, ice fishing, bees, candles, scarecrow, crates, composter, bonemeal, ropes, pies...

Headanim screenshot
Headanim by LandarVargan

Makes player heads follow their look direction

Bonemeal screenshot
Bonemeal by TenPlus1

Adds bone and bonemeal giving the ability to quickly grow plants and saplings.

Edit Skin screenshot
Edit Skin by Johannes Fritz

Advanced player skin customization

Creatura screenshot
Creatura by ElCeejo

A performant, semi-modular, Animal focused mob API

i3  screenshot
i3 by mt-mods

A next-generation inventory

Mobs Redo API screenshot
Mobs Redo API by TenPlus1

Simple and feature rich API to quickly add mobs into your world.

Valleys Mapgen screenshot
Valleys Mapgen by Gaël de Sailly

A map generator with valleys, rivers, mountains and many plants.

Swamplified screenshot
Swamplified by Neuromancer

This mod adds a few more nice touches to Atlante's Swamp biome mod