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Modgen screenshot
Modgen by BuckarooBanzai

mapgen mod creator

Music screenshot
Music by FreeBSD

A background music mod

Simple protection screenshot
Simple protection by Krock

Minetest fixed-grid quadratic area protection mod with graphical area "minimap"

Pronouns screenshot
Pronouns by prestidigitator

Allows players to set displayed and queryable pronouns for themselves.

J_Mute screenshot
J_Mute by j45

Mute players that are spamming.

The Build Spawner screenshot
The Build Spawner by Thunder1035

Gives build spawner for spawning builds which makes city creation easy

Railbuilder screenshot
Railbuilder by rlars

This mod allows you to plan and build tunnels and rails for Advtrains.

Superflat screenshot
Superflat by srifqi

(Yet Another) Superflat Map Generator: Customize world generation layer by layer

Resize Me! screenshot
Resize Me! by VeproGames

Become an Ant or a Giant! Exposes API

Good Torch screenshot
Good Torch by LissoBone

Merely a flashlight that uses ray casting.

Bulldozer screenshot
Bulldozer by celeron55

Driveable bulldozer for pushing nodes and flattening ground

Sculpture screenshot
Sculpture by SFENCE

Make player possible to make his own sculture and paint on it with painting oil colors. Hades Revisited is supported.

Replacer screenshot
Replacer by Sokomine

Exchange/replace nodes with one click.

Xmaps screenshot
Xmaps by erlehmann

Adds map items that show terrain in HUD

The Grue mod screenshot
The Grue mod by Majozoe

It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a Grue.

Hovercrafts screenshot
Hovercrafts by AntumDeluge

A fun alternative mode of transport.

Coolbar screenshot
Coolbar by luarocks

Automatic items management between inventory and hotbar.

Cellular Automata screenshot
Cellular Automata by bobomb

For creating 1D, 2D (including Conway's Game of Life) and 3D cellular automata.

Polygraph screenshot
Polygraph by sorcerykid

A formspec-based charting API providing a rich set of output parameters

Illumination screenshot
Illumination by mt-mods

Makes players emit light while holding any luminescent item.

CodeBlock screenshot
CodeBlock by giga-turbo

Use lua code to build anything you want

debuggery screenshot
debuggery by fluxionary

debugging tools for server admins

Chat Translator screenshot
Chat Translator by Droog71

Translates chat messages in Minetest using LibreTranslate.

balanced diet screenshot
balanced diet by fluxionary

api for specifying multiple dimensions to eating