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Advanced Trains screenshot
Advanced Trains by orwell

Adds good-looking, realistic trains with realistic rails.

3D Armor screenshot
3D Armor by stu

Visible player armor & wielded items.

Advtrains Basic Trains screenshot
Advtrains Basic Trains by orwell

Collection of basic trains for the Advanced Trains mod. Formerly included in main advtrains modpack (until 2.3.0)

Illumination screenshot
Illumination by mt-mods

Makes players emit light while holding any luminescent item.

Headlamp screenshot
Headlamp by OgelGames

Adds a headlamp that can be worn as armor, providing a bright light source

Headanim screenshot
Headanim by LandarVargan

Makes player heads follow their look direction

HUD Compass screenshot
HUD Compass by kestral

Optionally place a HUD compass and 24-hour clock on the screen.

X-Decor-libre screenshot
X-Decor-libre by Wuzzy

A decoration mod meant to be simple and well-featured (libre version).

Storage Drawers screenshot
Storage Drawers by LNJ

Adding simple storages for items, showing the item's inventory image in the front.

Travelnet screenshot
Travelnet by mt-mods

Network of teleporter-boxes that allows easy travelling to other boxes on the same network.

i3  screenshot
i3 by mt-mods

A next-generation inventory

Biofuel screenshot
Biofuel by Lokrates

Produce biofuel from unused plants.

SkinsDB screenshot
SkinsDB by bell07

Custom player skins manager with support for 1.0 and 1.8er skins and inventory skins selector

AirUtils screenshot
AirUtils by APercy

A lib for airplanes and some useful tools

Super Cub screenshot
Super Cub by APercy

Adds a craftable Super Cub airplane

PA28 screenshot
PA28 by APercy

Adds a craftable PA28

Morelights screenshot
Morelights by random_geek

Provides flexible interior and exterior lighting options for different styles of builds.

Creatura screenshot
Creatura by ElCeejo

A performant, semi-modular, Animal focused mob API

Animalia screenshot
Animalia by ElCeejo

Brings a plethora of wildlife and expands exploration

X Obsidianmese screenshot
X Obsidianmese by SaKeL

Shooting sword, woodcutting / treecapitator axe, multiple plow blocks / plant seeds hoe, path creating shovel, pickaxe can place secondary items (e.g. torches) and more...

Castle Gates screenshot
Castle Gates by FaceDeer

This is a mod all about creating castle gates and dungeons

Calendar screenshot
Calendar by Wuzzy

A simple calender system to track the passage of days

Hang Glider screenshot
Hang Glider by mt-mods

Adds a functional hang glider for exploring