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VoxeLibre/Mineclonia mods

A collection by rudzik8

Mods that were made for VoxeLibre (ex. MineClone2) or Mineclonia, or that have good support for it and integrate seamlessly


Mcl Mushrooms 3D screenshot
Mcl Mushrooms 3D by erlehmann

Renders small mushrooms as 3D objects in MineClone2/MineClone5/Mineclonia

Bin screenshot
Bin by Frederik

A bin to delete Items in Mineclone2 and Mineclonia.

mcl_light_blocks screenshot
mcl_light_blocks by Tony996-source

Adds coloured light blocks to Minetest subgame (MineClone2).

Palamod screenshot
Palamod by AFCM

Palamod modpack for MineClone2

Mineclonefood screenshot
Mineclonefood by Frederik

A mod for Mineclone2 and Mineclonia with new food.

Bushy Leaves screenshot
Bushy Leaves by erlehmann

Makes leaves render bushy instead of boxy.

Mcl Backpack screenshot
Mcl Backpack by MatthiasZM96

Add additional backpack inventory to players

Logistica screenshot
Logistica by ZenonSeth

On-demand item transportation + Powerful Storage

Chest Recovery screenshot
Chest Recovery by Neocraft1293

a simple safe that appears when we die and stores our inventory for mineclone 2

Void Totem screenshot
Void Totem by MineClone2 Mods

A totem that prevents you from dying in the void.

ExchangeClone screenshot
ExchangeClone by ThePython10110

Transmute items into other items, create powerful tools and armor, and more! Based on ProjectE/Equivalent Exchange.

Chimney screenshot
Chimney by Frederik

Chimneys for Mineclone and Mineclonia.

SpawnCraft screenshot
SpawnCraft by ThePython10110

Adds crafting recipes for spawners and spawn eggs to MineClone

Lightning Wand screenshot
Lightning Wand by TrafficSignal2217

A craftable wand that strikes lightning wherever you point it

Portability screenshot
Portability by ThePython10110

Adds portable things to MineClone (crafting table, ender chest, enchanting table)

Why? screenshot
Why? by ThePython10110

Adds random things to MTG and MCL.

Mineclone 2 C418 Records screenshot
Mineclone 2 C418 Records by Thisaccountis42

Adds 4 new records: "minimal", "krank", "depado", and "phlips", songs all produced by C418 and released under CC-By 3.