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Rotting Wood screenshot
Rotting Wood by Polynium

Causes wood to slowly rot while exposed to water

Hardcore Farming screenshot
Hardcore Farming by Neuromancer

Makes farming a hardcore challenge by adding very hungry pests. Can you overcome them or will they defeat you?

Corroded Metal screenshot
Corroded Metal by M BLOC

Metal can rust when next to water. Restore it with acid from underground.

Fallen Nodes Redo screenshot
Fallen Nodes Redo by csirolli

Makes dirt, cobble, snow, straw and cactus nodes fall. Fork of Hamlet's fallen_nodes. May be destructive to existing worlds.

Tree Particles screenshot
Tree Particles by SuperStarSonic

Adds particles of falling leaves when you punch a tree

Magma screenshot
Magma by SuperStarSonic

Adds volcanoes, lava vents and new magma blocks

Leads screenshot
Leads by Silver Sandstone

Adds leads for moving and tethering animals.

Solar Phases screenshot
Solar Phases by VeproGames

Simulate variable daytime lengths, including polar day / night

Ancient Fertilizer screenshot
Ancient Fertilizer by Daniel

Adds ancient fertilizer, sourced from ancient stone in the underground, useful for farming flowers if you need dye for colored nodes, complements bonemeal.

Offhand Items screenshot
Offhand Items by TestificateMods

Lets you equip nodes and place them without switching tools

Soil Weeded screenshot
Soil Weeded by josegamestest

Leaves the soil finer after clearing

Amethyst screenshot
Amethyst by alerikaisattera

Amethyst, basalt, calcite and related building blocks

LootChests Modpack screenshot
LootChests Modpack by mt-mods

Modpack adding a lot of various loot containers across the world to be found and providing an API, resources and integrations for other mods

Decorations Sea screenshot
Decorations Sea by mt-mods

Adds many new types of seaweed, kelp, corals and other sea decorations, distributed across biomes

Shipwrecks screenshot
Shipwrecks by mt-mods

A simple mod that adds various shipwrecks with treasures into the ocean

Too many ores screenshot
Too many ores by TeufloV

This adds 53 new ores. But most of them are useless.

Too Many Stones screenshot
Too Many Stones by JoeEnderman

88 stones that will spawn in most games. Supports English, Español, Français, Deutsch, Pусский, Português, 日本語

Loose Rocks screenshot
Loose Rocks by eduardomezencio

Adds loose rocks which generate randomly on the surface.

Touch screenshot
Touch by Skamiz Kazzarch

Orient yourself in the darkness by touch.

The Composter screenshot
The Composter by Dino0815

Adds a composter to make dirt out of your leaves.

Simple Recycle screenshot
Simple Recycle by Jolesh

This adds the possibility to recycle items and nodes by smelting or decrafting them back to their original resources.

Diggable Chests screenshot
Diggable Chests by Kimapr

makes chests, furnaces and such diggable even if not empty

Survival screenshot
Survival by Nathan.S

Adds several survival related items.

Wet Mud screenshot
Wet Mud by Nicu

Hydrates farmland without using water directly

Cheese screenshot
Cheese by Annalysa

Boil milk and then let the curd age to get cheese!

Watering Can screenshot
Watering Can by SFENCE

A watering can to wetten soil. Support for Hades Revisited. Supported by composting.

Bread screenshot
Bread by Lahusen

Just my favourite bread recipes

Composting screenshot
Composting by SFENCE

Compost and composter machines. Mix dirt with compost to get garden soil. Plants from farming/farming redo/hades_extrafarming grows faster on garden soil. Hades Revisited is supported.

Herbs screenshot
Herbs by Clyde

Adds 15 flowers and 6 mushrooms.

Dense Ores screenshot
Dense Ores by benedict424

Adds rare ores with twice the drops of their normal counterpart.

Charcoal screenshot
Charcoal by X17

Make charcoal from trees and use this as fuel

Oxidizing Copper screenshot
Oxidizing Copper by StarNinjas

This mod aims to make copper/bronze more realistic by making them slowly oxidize into a bluish/green block when exposed to water.

Spyglass screenshot
Spyglass by StarNinjas

Adds the ability to zoom in via a Spyglass

Clothing  2 screenshot
Clothing 2 by SFENCE

Add clothes to game, based on clothing from stu. For available machines and clothes, use this with appliances mod. Skinsdb makes clothing visible.

Appliances API screenshot
Appliances API by SFENCE

API for create appliances in other mods powered by technic, mesecons or hand.

Skeletons screenshot
Skeletons by SFENCE

Add player and some animals skeleton to your game.

3D Armor Flyswim screenshot
3D Armor Flyswim by sirrobzeroone

Adds Flying and Swimming animations to base character model for 3d_armor

Astral screenshot
Astral by cronvel

Add regular moon phases, as well as 9 special natural and surnatural Astral events to discover!

Auroras screenshot
Auroras by random_geek

Adds auroras (northern/southern lights) at night in cold places.

Falls screenshot
Falls by Just_Visiting

A Particle-based Waterfalls/Lavafalls Mod

Handholds Redo screenshot
Handholds Redo by TestificateMods

Adds additional functionality to pickaxes as a climbing tool

Regional Weather Bundle screenshot
Regional Weather Bundle by TestificateMods

Not every biome is the same and neither should their weather be. The complete weather bundle for any game.

Footprints screenshot
Footprints by FaceDeer

Players walking over various types of terrain will leave footprints, and optionally pack the soil down into trails

Better Ice screenshot
Better Ice by TheFanne

Modifies ice so that it melts into water when broken, and will be melted by torches

Lava Ore Gen screenshot
Lava Ore Gen by Coder12

Makes the lava turn stone into ore over time.

Visible Sneak screenshot
Visible Sneak by niwla23

A mod to make sneaking visible. The player gets smaller on sneak and the viewpoint is lower.

Emote screenshot
Emote by sofar

Provides player emotes and an api to make the player model sit, lie down and perform other actions.

Builtin Item screenshot
Builtin Item by TenPlus1

Dropped items can now be pushed by water, burn quickly in lava and have their own custom functions.

Fire Plus screenshot
Fire Plus by LandarVargan

Allows players to be lit on fire.

Pigiron screenshot
Pigiron by TenPlus1

Adds pig iron ingots which need to be crafted to make steel, also blocks and stairs.

Melterns screenshot
Melterns by IcyDiamond

Tinkers Construct in Minetest!

Real Torch screenshot
Real Torch by TenPlus1

Realistic torches that go out eventually and drop in water

Radiant Damage screenshot
Radiant Damage by FaceDeer

A mod that allows nodes to damage players at a distance

Frame screenshot
Frame by sofar

A stylish item and node frame that causes no lag/server load.

Anvil screenshot
Anvil by FaceDeer

Hammer and anvil for repairing tools

Magma Conduits screenshot
Magma Conduits by FaceDeer

Removes default mapgen lava and adds widely-spaced vertical lava "veins".

Dynamic Liquid screenshot
Dynamic Liquid by FaceDeer

Flowing dynamic liquids and ocean-maintenance springs.

Crops screenshot
Crops by sofar

This mod expands the basic set of farming-related crops that minetest_game offers.

3D Armor screenshot
3D Armor by stu

Visible player armor & wielded items.

Slow Eater screenshot
Slow Eater by Wuzzy

After eating something, the player must wait for 5 seconds before eating again.

Baked Clay screenshot
Baked Clay by TenPlus1

Adds the ability to bake clay into blocks and colour them with dye.

Trucraft screenshot
Trucraft by mt-mods

An alternative crafting system done entirely in the world.

Boulders screenshot
Boulders by Neuromancer

Adds pushable boulders which spawn in dirt & stone. They tumble when they wind up on top of each other and cause damage when they fall on you.

Dynamic Input-Held Eating screenshot
Dynamic Input-Held Eating by TPH

Eating with particles, sounds, visible ItemStacks (5.4+), and holding down input. Heavy coding customization for programmers

Item Physics screenshot
Item Physics by Sumianvoice

Makes items lay flat on the ground and not spin.