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3D Armor screenshot
3D Armor by stu

Visible player armor & wielded items.

Advanced Trains screenshot
Advanced Trains by orwell

Adds good-looking, realistic trains with realistic rails.

Advtrains Basic Trains screenshot
Advtrains Basic Trains by orwell

Collection of basic trains for the Advanced Trains mod. Formerly included in main advtrains modpack (until 2.3.0)

Animalia screenshot
Animalia by ElCeejo

Brings a plethora of wildlife and expands exploration

Basic Materials and items screenshot
Basic Materials and items by mt-mods

Provides a small selection of "basic" materials and items that other mods should use when possible -- things like steel bars and chains, wire, plastic strips and sheets, and more.

Biofuel screenshot
Biofuel by Lokrates

Produce biofuel from unused plants.

Biome Lib screenshot
Biome Lib by mt-mods

The biome spawning and management library.

Digilines screenshot
Digilines by Jeija

This mod adds digiline wires, an RTC (Real Time Clock), a light sensor as well as an LCD Screen.

Creatura screenshot
Creatura by ElCeejo

A performant, semi-modular, Animal focused mob API

Chunk Keeper screenshot
Chunk Keeper by ApolloX

Keep sections of nodes loaded/running code and growing

Digtron screenshot
Digtron by FaceDeer

Adds components for building modular tunnel boring machines

DlxTrains screenshot
DlxTrains by Marnack

Additional railway related content for use with Advanced Trains (advtrains).

Documentation System screenshot
Documentation System by Wuzzy

A simple in-game documentation system which enables mods to add help entries based on templates.

ExchangeClone screenshot
ExchangeClone by ThePython10110

Transmute items into other items, create powerful tools and armor, and more! Based on ProjectE/Equivalent Exchange.

Factory bridges screenshot
Factory bridges by mt-mods

This mod adds a steel bridges, railings and stairs in Minetest.

Item Drop screenshot
Item Drop by tacotexmex

This mod adds Minecraft like drop/pick up of items to Minetest.

Hopper screenshot
Hopper by FaceDeer

Adds hoppers to transport items between chests/furnace etc.

Hammermod screenshot
Hammermod by cultom

Adds a steel hammer which allows to dig 3x3.

Formspec AST screenshot
Formspec AST by Luke

A library to help other mods interpret formspecs.

More Trees! screenshot
More Trees! by mt-mods

Adds a whole bunch of new types of trees, some bearing fruit or similar

Pipeworks screenshot
Pipeworks by mt-mods

Supplies a complete set of nice, round mesh-based water pipes, boxy item-transport tubes, and devices that work with them.

Plantlife screenshot
Plantlife by mt-mods

Adds various kinds of plants, fruit bushes, fallen trees, and a whole host of foliage and other ground cover.

MicuPack screenshot
MicuPack by micu

Various devices and machines for experienced miners and TechPack engineers.

Mobs Redo API screenshot
Mobs Redo API by TenPlus1

Simple and feature rich API to quickly add mobs into your world.

LWComponents screenshot
LWComponents by loosewheel

Various components for mesecons and digilines.

Mesebox screenshot
Mesebox by johalun

Mobile storage box powered by Mese

Mesecons screenshot
Mesecons by Jeija

Adds digital circuitry, including wires, buttons, lights, and even programmable controllers.

Microexpansion screenshot
Microexpansion by theFox

A storage managing solution to get an overview over all your items.

Shallow Ores screenshot
Shallow Ores by Monniasza

Places ores shallower in your world! No more time wasted digging!

SkinsDB screenshot
SkinsDB by bell07

Custom player skins manager with support for 1.0 and 1.8er skins and inventory skins selector

Powerbanks screenshot
Powerbanks by OgelGames

Adds portable powerbanks used to charge technic tools

Random Teleport screenshot
Random Teleport by Droog71

Allows players to teleport to a random location using the /rtp command.

Ropes screenshot
Ropes by FaceDeer

Adds rope boxes of various lengths and also rope ladders.

The Composter screenshot
The Composter by Dino0815

Adds a composter to make dirt out of your leaves.

Tower Crane screenshot
Tower Crane by joe7575

A scaffold alternative for your building site

Tubelib2 screenshot
Tubelib2 by joe7575

A library for mods which need connecting tubes / pipes / cables or similar.

Unified Inventory screenshot
Unified Inventory by RealBadAngel

Replaces the default inventory and adds a number of features, such as a crafting guide

Storage Drawers screenshot
Storage Drawers by LNJ

Adding simple storages for items, showing the item's inventory image in the front.

TechPack screenshot
TechPack by joe7575

A Mining, Crafting, & Farming Modpack for Minetest

Technic Elepower Compatibility screenshot
Technic Elepower Compatibility by DumbDave961

Elepower recipes for Technic machines. Technic recipes for Elepower machines. A new converter connects Technic cables to Elepower conduits when enabled.

Technic Plus screenshot
Technic Plus by mt-mods

Technic fork with focus on features and stability

Winuser Leafdecay screenshot
Winuser Leafdecay by Liil

With this additiona leaf decay, all trees in naturalbiomes, livingdesert, livingjungle and livingfloatlands have a working leafdecay function.

Vignette Redo screenshot
Vignette Redo by kestral

Optionally place a vignette filter over the screen.

Vein Miner screenshot
Vein Miner by QuoteNat

Automatically mines ore veins and trees while sneaking

fmod screenshot
fmod by fluxionary

flux's mod boilerplate

futil screenshot
futil by fluxionary

flux's utility mod